Blackout Curtains – Perfect Way to Reduce Your Energy Costs

blackout curtains

The curtains help to control temperature by closing off the windows and are ideal for controlling outdoor heat during the winter months. As well as helping people control their house temperature, they also prevent light from entering a room. Blackout window treatments can really help make rooms look darker and have a relaxing effect on the whole family. If you are looking for something that gives the look of ‘space’ and is functional at the same time, curtains may just be the ideal option.

Blackout curtains Dubai are usually made from either densely packed, tightly woven, or layered heavy fabrics like velvet, suede, or cotton. The fabrics used in making these curtains give them a tough, durable look. They can be used to cover large windows or slates, or just small spaces to let in more light. Likewise, a blackout lining, which is often a separate component of blackout curtains, can also be added on to a standard curtain to make the same dramatic effect.

Blackout Curtains Are Available In Different Types

There are several different types of blackout curtains available for your home. You can opt for Roman, pleated, blackout or sheer fabrics. These fabrics are often treated with insect repellents, which help keep the insects away. The majority of these blinds are light-blocking, but there are a few with special light-blocking features. Such features include patterned blinds or shades.

These curtains are constructed in two different ways – the lay-on kind, in which one layer of fabric is laid over a thin base of blockage fabric, and the bonded kind, in which the top layer of fabric is overlaid with a thicker, blocking fabric layer. Blackout curtains consist of several layers of fabric stitched together from different fabrics to give a blackout effect. There are different kinds of these curtains, depending upon their thickness, width, and types of fabrics used. For example, a pleated piece of material would be made of one layer of pleated fabric stitched to a base of blockage fabric, while a blackout curtain made of the same pleated fabric but with a thicker fabric layer would be a two-layer curtain.

There are three basic kinds of materials used in manufacturing these curtains: cotton, polyester, and nylon. Each of these is capable of providing a different kind of insulation. The cotton material is best suited for making thermal insulating blankets. The polyester provides better thermal resistance. And the nylon has the best combination of properties.

Blackout Curtains Block Out The Sunlight

However, one major problem with the usage of darkening curtains and blackout blinds is their cost. Although they may have better insulation qualities than regular curtains, they are more expensive than other kinds of window treatments. But their low price is compensated by the great convenience they offer. These are very easy to install, lightweight, and quick to clean. Thus, they can be installed at any part of the house from the kitchen to the bedroom or bathroom.

Because these curtains are lightweight, you can move them around your room easily. If you wish, you can open up one side and close the other without disturbing the rest of the drapery. Of course, regular curtains also have this advantage. But since these curtains are translucent in nature, they can block the sunlight even better than ordinary curtains would.

You should know that even though these curtains are available in many different styles, most modern ones are equipped with special UV ray resistant fabric. Thus, they can protect your computers, TVs, and other electronics from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. This will help you preserve the life span of your gadgets and keep them in working condition for a longer time. These blackout curtains may cost more than other types of curtains but they surely provide the same kind of protection.

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