Build A Grocery Delivery Empire By Initiating Your Bigbasket Clone App Development

bigbasket clone app

The online medium has been the perfect answer to solve real-life problems effortlessly. Enhanced smartphone penetration, coupled with the convenience of availing doorstep services, has made the market for on-demand startups buzzing. The pandemic situation has reiterated this need as people entirely rely on on-demand apps for different services. Among different on-demand service apps, it is the grocery delivery apps that have witnessed unprecedented growth since the outbreak of March 2020.

With retail stores running empty, people were on the lookout for an alternate medium to shop groceries. And as luck would have it, grocery delivery Bigbasket clone app, Instacart, etc., rose to the occasion. During the initial few months of the pandemic, Bigbasket managed to clock a massive 300,000 grocery orders per day. During the pandamic era, the numbers were approximately 30,000 orders.

With on-demand apps for groceries becoming inevitable, there cannot be an ideal time for emerging entrepreneurs to storm into the remunerative segment. Are you an entrepreneur who aims at launching an on-demand grocery delivery app? If so, are you wary of certain crucial elements that can have an everlasting impact on your app? This blog discusses such fundamental factors that can make your grocery delivery platform stand apart.

Why grocery delivery apps?

As an entrepreneur, if you have answers to the ‘whys?,’ never hesitate to invest in such a segment. Here are some reasons for investing in an online platform for grocery delivery.

According to ResearchAndMarkets,

  • The global market for online grocery is currently valued at $198.5 billion in 2020.
  • With an estimated double-digit CAGR of 15.7%, the market will grow significantly to reach $550.7 billion in 2027.
  • Among different regions, the US accounts for a maximum share of 28.8% of the global market size.
  • Instacart, the most popular grocery delivery platform, witnessed its weekly sales leapfrogging to 10x and 20x in regions like California and Washington DC (Source: Techcrunch).
  • Due to the pandemic, there were new bars set when it comes to daily download rates. Instacart and Walmart experienced 218% and 160% increase per day downloads (Source: Statista).

All these are highly positive signs that ROI is assured when it comes to investing in grocery delivery apps like Bigbasket.

What are the business models to consider?

Now that you have reasons for investment, it is time to initiate your app development. The foundation of a highly successful grocery delivery app invariably depends on its business model. Here are some popular models worth-considering in your application,

The Marketplace model: In this model, the platform aggregates different grocery stores under one roof. Here, users can browse a wide range of retail grocery stores from the comfort of their homes, add grocery products to the cart, and proceed to checkout effortlessly. Here, it is the online platform that takes care of delivery. Instacart comes under the marketplace model.

The Inventory/Warehouse model: In this model, a single grocery store acts as a repository for a sea of products. Instead of grocery stores, users browse different grocery products here. As soon as the orders are placed, executives at the warehouse receive the orders and process them for delivery. Bigbasket clone app is a typical example of the inventory model.

Analyze and assess your resources to narrow down your search for the best business model.

What are the cutting-edge features worth integrating?

Once you have identified your business model, the next major milestone is to incorporate stand-apart features. Some of the unique attributes to consider during Bigbasket clone app development include,

Contactless deliveries:The pandemic situation, safety has become paramount. As a result, it is wise to incorporate a ‘zero-contact’ delivery feature in your application. This way, do not encourage any form of contact between customers and delivery executives, safeguarding the entire community from virus contractions.

Multilingual support: Catering to a global audience is no easy feat, and multilingual support helps you achieve that seamlessly.

In-app wallet: Users find it challenging to enter their account/card details every time during payments. With an e-wallet functionality, they can make payments with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Compare products: One of the basic reasons for people leaning towards grocery delivery apps is convenience. Enable product comparison based on different metrics like ratings, price, etc., leading to informed decisions.

Reorder: Eliminate the need among users to add different grocery products to their cart once again. With the ‘reorder’ feature, one can order once again from their order history in a flash.

What is the workflow to consider in the platform?

Similar to features, workflow paves the way for an unparalleled app experience. Here’s the enticing workflow to consider in a Bigbasket like app.

  • Initially, users register with the platform by specifying essential information or logging in via social media handles.
  • By enabling location preferences, users get to view the list of available grocery stores in the vicinity.
  • Users can utilize the search and filter options to browse grocery products in no time.
  • Users add different grocery essentials to their virtual cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Users can pay via a multitude of payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, etc., and place orders.
  • As soon as users place orders, grocery stores accept and process the orders.
  • The system dispatches delivery executives to pick up grocery orders from the stores and drop them off at user locations.
  • Users enjoy doorstep deliveries and can share their entire experience in the form of ratings and reviews.

Having such an uninterrupted workflow in your ultra-modern Bigbasket clone script can help you gain unparalleled success.


The market for on-demand grocery delivery apps forecasts exponential growth in the upcoming years. You can foray into this flourishing market right away by reaching out to an expert app development company. Having the most desirable business model, integrating stand-apart features, and incorporating an enticing workflow are some fundamentals that you shouldn’t want to miss out on in your grocery delivery app. Initiate your app development today!

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