Best Window Air Conditioner Models in India

Window Air Conditioner

In recent times, it has become a trend for even twenty-year-olds to own a flat – preferably one BHK.

And in these homes, it is impossible and futile to have a central air conditioning system. The best model type will be the window air conditioner. In the red hot summer, you can have the cool air only at your bedroom. This model type gives cool and fresh air. The reason for this model becoming popular is because of its easy maintenance and installation. In this article let us focus on some window air conditioner models in India.

A. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 185 LZH, White)

Every Indian is aware of the brand value and reputation of Voltas Company. If you want the best value for your money and the perfect window air conditioner model for the family, you are bang on target. The price is affordable, and the electricity bills have come out low. Since it has many features, you will feel satisfied with this new AC model.

As per the manufacturer, this model consumes just one unit of electricity every hour. So, you will be confident of a low energy bill. Just look at the capacity of the model. It is 1.5 tons. So, it can easily cool any small room ranging from 120 to 200 square feet area in quick time.

The only disadvantage is that it does not have inverter technology. But it has the turbo mode option along with the high ambient cooling feature. So, it can cool your room with ease.

In a normal air conditioner, if you want cool air inside the room, the windows have to remain closed. That calls for the same air revolving around the homerooms. But this Volta’s window air conditioner has vents and brings fresh air to the home.

In addition, the model has extra features such as dehumidifier, anti-dust filter, and negative ion filter. The model has the capacity to remove contaminants and allergens inside the room. Yes, the air conditioner can also remove moisture due to its sensors.

Still, you are not satisfied with the model? Okay, here we give other valuable information on the Voltas window air conditioner model. It has copper condenser coils, timer, and auto-swing modes. You can schedule the timer to switch on and off as per your needs. And it has a glow light panel to check the temperature even in darkness. The LCD remote is also a convenient feature of the air conditioner model.

Greatest Advantage

Have you heard about smart air conditioner models? They have a feature called predictive maintenance. This program informs with an alert if there is an issue in the AC. In a similar fashion, the Voltas air conditioner also has a self-diagnosis feature.

B. LG Electronics 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (LWA18GWXA, White)

Compared to the earlier Voltas model, this window air conditioner model from LG is a little bit expensive. And yes, the reputation of LG is one which you cannot miss. Because this model has a three-star, you may get a bill hike. The reason – the consumption of electricity is between 1.5 to two units every hour. Do you like to switch on the air conditioner only two to three hours a day? Then, it is an ideal model. Yes, you have the energy saver mode. This feature ensures you have a cool room with low energy consumption.

This model has a copper coil along with Ocean Black Protection. And this feature can protect your air conditioner if your home or office is in industrial areas or heavily polluted areas.

Its anti-corrosive feature makes the model stand against rust and corrosion. It also allows for good heat exchange and good cooling performance.

Have you heard about the four-way circulation feature? In normal air conditioners, you have the two war feature. The manual valves move up and down. But in this model, the valves can move even right and left. So, the cool air breeze gets circulated around the room.

One important component of any air conditioner model is the air filter. It does have fine mesh for catching the dust and bacteria. The design is such that the bacteria caught in the mesh gets killed. So, you do not have to have a bacterial filter. In fact, the air filter performs two duties. One is the removal of particles and the other is the removal of allergens that can cause health issues to your family members.

There exist very few air conditioners in the market which give noise during the cooling process. This window air conditioner (LWA18GWXA) model also does its work without any noise. Will we look at the beneficial features?

Three-speed settings –

  • De-humidification feature – dry, moisture free air
  • Auto restart option – If you face frequent power cuts in the area
  • On/Off Timer – You can schedule the air conditioner for changing the temperature during the night.

The last benefit is the panel display with digital LED type. And you also have the night glow button on the remote.

Like the Voltas air conditioner, this LG model also has a warranty of one year on the entire components. But it does have five years warranty on the compressor. And in the red hot summer, you can beat the heat with this model.

C. Lloyd Window Air Conditioner Model – LW12A3F9

Do you want a stylish air conditioner? Then this model is not to be missed. Do you want to cool a space which is approximately 90 square feet? Then you cannot miss this model. In blue color, it can add to the decor of your beautiful home.

Of late, it is well-known that Lloyd has been introducing good design in its air conditioner models to beat the competition. Yes, this model has only a three-star rating, but as per the reports, it can save nearly fifteen percent of the energy bills. The design is that of a non-inverter AC, but it has an auto-start feature (helpful during the power off stages).

Want to know how this Lloyd window air conditioner model is competent to the others?

This AC model has every feature ranging from the anti-dust filter, dehumidifier, copper condenser and many more. In addition, you have the hot air sucking feature (four-dimensional) that can make your home cool faster. Also, there is a reduction in your electricity bills. The reason, the compressor does not run for more time to cool the entire space.

But the best features of this model, you can find in the next few sentences. You can control the model via WiFi. Also, there is the self-cleaning capability as well as self-diagnostic capability. Like other models, one year warranty is for the entire unit. And for the compressor, you have the five years warranty.

Are you working for an affordable, top-of-the-model air conditioner? Then this Llyod (LW12A3F9) is the right choice for you.

D. Hitachi – RAW511KUD, Five Star Rating – Copper

There are very few brands who have established firm domination in the air conditioner industry. And Hitachi, without making a mention, is one of them. And this one-ton window air model lives up to its expectations which a consumer can expect easily of a Hitachi model.

The five-star rating means that the Hitachi air conditioner will consume very low energy and you get a low electricity bill. This model can consume just more than one unit of electricity every hour.

The one feature which makes it stand out from other models is the auto climate technology. And we need not explain the significance of this feature. When there is a change in temperature, the model can adjust the temperature and fan speed to provide the required temperature.

The other beneficial features of this window air conditioner model are

  • Highest fan speed. It can cool the entire room within quick time.
  • The automatic fan speed ensures that the room remains at a constant temperature even though there is a change in outside weather.
  • The filter can eliminate dust, bacteria from your home. The best advantage is the auto filter cleaning technology. It will inform you if the filter needs cleaning.
  • Since it has pre-coated aluminum fins and copper condenser, the model does not rust and can give only an improved performance. You also have the Auto mode feature, on/off timer and the model can also remove more moisture from the home.

E. Blue Star Window Air Conditioner Model – 5W13GA

Of late, Blue Star is making big news, since it has tried to design IoT home appliances models. If you want an alternative to the Hitachi window air conditioner type, then it is time to opt for the Blue Star 5W13GA model.

Yes, the features are less when compared to the Hitachi type. But in terms of performance, it comes at par with the mentioned model.

Because of its five star rating, you are sure to get low energy bills. And due to its anti-corrosive blue fins, dust filter (having antibacterial quality), you can only get a pleasant experience.

Do you get power shutdowns every day in the morning or evening? Then the autostart feature of this Blue Star air conditioner model will help you. The compressor will run even at high speed, but you will never get any noise.

The other features that this model possesses are

  • Dehumidifier
  • Antifreeze thermostat
  • Memory
  • Sleep mode
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • Remote control operation
  • It has a nice style to suit the ambiance of your home.


So, have you read the article on best window air conditioner models in India? And armed with the best warranties, till the specified period, you can just sit back and relax. But yes, as per the instructions are given in the manufacturer’s manual, you also have to give timely maintenance service. Let us imagine, you have bought one model, and till the five year period, there have been no technical problems. But after the warranty period, you feel that there is reduced performance. Since you are a DIY specialist, you understand that there is a need to call the AC repair technician.

How to do it with easy steps and within the least possible time? Just follow the recent trend to hire the best AC technician in the city. Let us imagine, you are staying in Hyderabad. And the window air conditioner model needs maintenance and service. But it has crossed the warranty period. So what is the next step? You can, however, book the best expert skilled in giving best AC installation in Hyderabad to come to your home to fix the problem. Search in your mobile and download the app of the best companies offering home services in Hyderabad. Schedule the time for repair as per your need. The problem will get fixed in no time.

Are you satisfied with this article on best window air conditioner models in India? If so, please drop a favorable review in the comments section.

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