Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Best Weekend for child online safety

child online safety

The next weekend is about to come and people already have made their minds to buy goods with maximum discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Therefore, you have plenty of time to decide whether your kids and teens need online protection or you already have made all the arrangements. Additionally, you need to know why black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is the best one for the security of your children online.

Almost two decades ago, the mobile phone was introduced and today you have plenty of cell phones in the market with the best specs, models, and shapes. Now you have the internet access and you can explore everything you want to on cyberspace with the accordance of your will. Today, the young generation has become highly obsessed with the contemporary piece of technology in terms of cell phones and tablets. Over the years mobile phone technology is proven to be havoc for young minds and today it is the same as the pied piper for kids that are taking youth far from the real-life activities.

How cell phone is more likely to piped piper against the children?

Cell phone, internet, and social media when come to gather in the usage of the modern youth it creates havoc for the children and teens. Therefore, young minds are obsessed with the social messaging apps, websites and instant messengers installed on their mobile phones and tablets. The activities like messages, conversations, audio-video conversations, videos, photos and others alike on social networking are quite common for youngsters. Screen obsession is real; parents have to take care of the children.

When kids and teens spend more than eight hours on their mobile and tablet screens, obviously it will affect their mind and there will be psychological drawbacks at the ends of the day. Kid and teens those are used to of using cellphones and devices all day long they have behavior issues, health problems and also get involved in certain activities that could lead them towards the ultimate real-life and cyber dangers.

cyber monday

Teens online are more like to closer to cyber predators

Nowadays, teens and kids having a cell phone and internet access leading youngsters towards online predators such as bullies online, stalkers and sexual predators. Teens are mostly encountering predators online due to their presence on social media platforms. Kids are the ones who accidentally got encounter with the bullies online and stalkers, but when it comes to the teens they willingly want to have an encounter with stalkers to have hookups and uncommitted sexual fantasies. That’s why parents have to protect teens from accidents and willingly encounters.

According to the Pew Research Center Statistics:

  • 59% of the teens these days got bullied or harassed online in U.S
  • 42% of teens got bullied in the form of name calling and by spreading rumors
  • 25% teens go bullied online via undemand sexual explicit messages
  • 16% of teens got physical threats by the online predators
  • 36% of teens get involved in hookups online

How Black Friday & Cyber Monday best weekend for kid’s online safety?

We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming closer and people have their minds to celebrate this weekend by doing shopping in the pre-Christmas season. It is obvious parents will buy goods and costumes for children having maximum discounts on everything available on the stores and the web. So, don’t forget about your children. Don’t prefer goods and costumes over the kid’s online safety. Therefore, the mobile phone spy app has come up with a 50% and 90% discount offer that empowers you to set parental control on kids’ and teens’ mobile devices.

Once you have got the subscription you will be able to set it up on kids’ and teens’ cell phones. Additionally, you will have the power and tools to know what kids and teens are doing on the web and social media apps and instant messengers. You can remotely get to know browsing activities, social media logs, call logs, text messages and you can remotely control teens and kids’ activities to the fullest.


Now celebrate the upcoming weekend of Cyber Monday and Black Friday by getting maximum discounts. So, always keep in mind that goods and costumes are not important than kid’s safety online.

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