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Constantly changes in the web are one of the best and worst things about being a web developer. If you’re a web developer then you must always be active in learning new programming languages, techniques, and most importantly adapting to the changes. You should be eager and willing to accept new challenges and changes. This could include tasks such as testing a website to identify technical issues, adapting existing frameworks to meet business requirements, or scaling or optimizing a website to perform better with backend infrastructure. Yes, we know you’re looking for web development tools and resources that can help you to stay informed, become a great developer, and more productive. To help you choose a new tool or resources that will aid you in your web development workflow, we’ve picked some great web development tools and resources for you. Pay your attention to our listed tools and resources that are given below. 


It is fully-modern text-based, interactive, and rendering to browsers and TTY. it is a type of web browser that can be run from a terminal client’s environments such as mosh or ssh or a web browser client. It represents great web pages as text. It has been since 23 April 2016, uses a headless version of Mozilla Firefox to parse and fetch web pages. It supports the latest web standards. If you’re looking for a great web development tool then you can go with this amazing web browser. It well supports graphics and videos. Almost every digital marketing company using this tool to enhance their work. It can render anything that a modern browser can, such as CSS3, HTML5, WebGL, and even video. 

Carbon now

It can offer web development services, hosting, and consultation. By providing an accompanying service and quality service in every stage of your project to help you to identify the technical issues and optimize your methods. It creates solutions to the needs of your business. Shine up your source code screenshots with carbon. Paste your code in the text column and customize the background, theme color, and window frame. Once the procedure is done, you can download your picture. 


It is an automated and open-source tool for improving the quality of web pages. You will be surprised to know that Google has launched a new augmented reality app. Now measure the things in the real world by using your phone’s camera. For android, it uses its ARCore framework. With the help of this tool, you can measure the things that you want to do and can use your phone’s camera to have fun. 

Backspace rethought

It is often rarely considered, designed by Louis Anslow. As backspace replaced erasers, replaced cursive and whiteout. Then the touchscreen keyboards emerged, yet it remains unchanged and unquestioned. It has very binary 2-bit input such as you can tap or hold. Both options have trade-offs that make them a great way to remove unwanted characters. 


It is a hand-picked collection of beautiful and latest design patterns. It extends the functionality by letting you filter screenshots. You’re a developer or designer type should try this tool. It features collections of screenshots from IOS mobile apps that help you in learning how to design from the great pros out there. 


It is a great tool that provides access to sheets for UNIX/Linux commands and community-driven snippets and many programming languages by using various interfaces. It can be used in web browsers from the command line and as a plugin for Emacs, Vim, Visual studio code, IntelliJ idea, and sublime text, you can explore and insert code snippets without leaving the command line/ the code editor. This tool makes use of community-driven sources like learn x in y minutes, TLDR pages, StackOverflow, and others. It supports several DBMSes, 58 programming languages, and more than 1000 most important Linux/UNIX commands. It comes with a special stealth mode. 


It is a modern and open-source website framework. Create websites and blazing-fast apps without needing to become a performance expert. It doesn’t require expensive hosting or complex scaling operations. It gives you easy access to features like code bundling, modern javascript syntax, and hot loading without having to maintain custom tooling. With gatsby.js, it is easy to build reusable components, beautifully-designed, consistent typography, easily create clean and drop in an image loading experience. 


It is a simple tool to quickly build beautiful device mockup presentations for your website and app design. It helps you make beautiful phone mockups for your projects. Set background color and theme, pick from one of the phones, upload the app screenshots, and get your image. There are no photoshop skills required to use this tool. 

Web maker app

It is a web-based code playground that even works offline. You can write SASS, typescript, javascript, LESS and more. It has a clean UI with many autocompletion and themes. It provides you with very easy access. If you’re a web developer then it is perfect for you to experiment or practice in HTML/JS/CSS easily and quickly. It saves and loads your creations with auto-save. It has various templates for popular libraries- Vue, React, and more. It also has multiple editor themes and other configurable settings. It uses google analytics to track aggregated events to improve user experience based on what features you are using more. It multi-monitor support with detached preview and code autocompletion. 

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