5 Best Ways To Keep Fusion Hair Extensions Healthy

Fusion Hair Extensions Healthy

Hair is a crown to everyone, and we all want to retain it. Most women want long and voluminous hair that they can style anyhow. Now, you do not have to stress about long hair because fusion hair extensions Jacksonville are here to fill the gap. But it is always necessary to take care of them to keep them in their original shape for a long time. It is not to mention that your salon will advise you on how to take care of your hair extension to achieve a glamorous look. In case their procedure is a bit complicated, or if they do not guide you, we have got you covered. This post will help you with some important tips to take care of your fusion hair extensions. Read till the end if you are looking for the best results.


1. Wait to wash for at least two days after getting the hair extension

Leave your hair as it is once you get the fusion hair extensions. This is the best way to show potential care for your hair extensions. In this way, you give enough time to glue to get pasted to the natural hair properly. It also gives you time to adjust to the new hair installed in your natural hair. So leave them for some time alone. However, you can brush and style them if you want. It would be better if you followed the aftercare instructions for the fusion hair extensions.

2. Use non-sulfate shampoo

Using high-quality shampoo and conditioner will ensure hair extensions will not dry and dull. Make sure the products you use to wash your hair are free from the sulfate. This component breaks down the bond faster and strips color, and essential oil from the extensions & the natural hair, so it is always better to use light or organic products to wash your hair. It will maintain the health of the natural hair while giving strength to extensions also.

3. Wash your hair in the slow motion

The way you wash your hair plays an important role in fusion hair extension care. Wash your hair, especially when hair extensions are installed, from the top down while gently working the shampoo in and then rinse. Apply conditioner in the mid shampoo; it will help you to solve tangled hair. Remember that do not rub your hair too hard, which could cause breakage and damage to the natural hair and extensions.

4. Be careful while using hot tools and hair-styling devices

Using heat and hot tools can cause harm to the hair if they are not used properly or carefully. While styling your hair with the straightener, make sure they are not put in where strands are placed. Heat can cause them to slip, or they become sticky and also cause harm to your natural hair. Also, make sure the temperature of the hot tool is not too high; otherwise, it can cause damage to your extensions. Try to be very kind with your hair and save them from damage.

5. Brush your hair without touching bonds

Combing and brushing are necessary to detangle your hair. Leave the bond alone and brush out the complete hair from the top to the end of the hair. Also, make sure you brush your hair before bedtime and wash them. It will save your extensions from matting and tangling. Ensure your brush and comb are soft and will not hurt your extensions.

6. Separate the bonds with your hand if they get tangled

Fusion hair extensions get tangled when your hair grows out further from the roots. Most people use a comb to detangle the hair, but it increases the chance of losing the bond or tangling around another way. The best way to separate the individual bonds is through hands. It is a little tricky and time-consuming, but it will definitely extend the extensions’ lifespan.

7. Keep your hair extensions away from direct sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause extensions to lose. If you spend too much time in the sunlight, wear a hat or a scarf. This will protect the area where strands are glued and prevent them from losing & falling prematurely. Direct sunlight can also damage the natural glow of the hair. So avoid stepping out in the direct sunlight bare head.

All these are the primary ways to keep your fusion hair extensions healthy for a long time, and these tips are also helpful in maintaining natural hair. If you think they are excellent hair care tips, write to us in the comment section. Also, follow us for more tips like these.