Fashion Bloggers: The Best Ways To Get Noticed By Major Brands

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Fashion bloggers play a big role in how we’re able to get the latest looks for the most up-to-date trends. These fashion experts can have a direct impact on how consumers are exposed to new products, as well as rally consumer confidence and publicity over an emerging trend. But being noticed by major brands is no easy task, and there are certainly some ways to boost your chances of getting noticed on these fashion blogs guest post.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best exposure out of your next fashion blog entry:

1. Get Talking

The more you can get noticed on these blogs, the better. Staying in contact with bloggers and commenting on their articles will allow them to see what you’re doing and get some insight into your brand or product. You can also email them a link to your latest article so that they can check it out and consider featuring it as well. If you want to take this approach a step further, try adding yourself to any “following” lists that these bloggers may have instead of contacting them directly to stay in touch.

2. Offer to Post

Another way you can boost your exposure is to ask if the blogger would like the opportunity to post a review of your product or service. If you proofread others’ reviews, and offer to post one on your behalf, you’ll have the opportunity to build camaraderie with other bloggers as well. In exchange for this favor, you should expect them to offer a sum of $50-100 in exchange for their review. If they are agreeable, feel free to take them up on their offer!

3. Contribute Regularly

One of the best ways you can get noticed by fashion bloggers is through contributing articles regularly and consistently. When you consistently post new articles, they’ll have a reason to keep returning to your blog to see what you’ve got in store for them. You can even ask for a feature on your blog from them if you’re confident that the article will be featured. If you’re unsure about how often to contribute, aim for 50-100 word articles at least once a week.

4. Attend Fashion Blogging Conferences

This may be the best way to get exposure and find more fashion bloggers who can provide you with valuable feedback as well. If you want to really get some exposure for your brand, be sure to make it out to BlogWorld or SXSW, held in Las Vegas in November and Austin in March. These conferences are a great way to meet bloggers and discuss your latest products.

With a little bit of luck and plenty of networking, you may just find that anything is possible in the world of fashion blogging.

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What You’ll Be Doing?

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