Best Ways to Fix Leaking Pipes

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Leaky pipes can pose many serious problems if they are not fixed on time. People generally use many temporary fixes for leaking pipes just to save time and money, but they don’t know that they are actually doing more damage than good. Temporary fixes only stall the issue and do not resolve it entirely, due to which the damage increases with time and can cost you a lot of money. To save yourself from this headache, you must fix your leaking pipes as soon as possible. If you haven’t fixed a leaky pipe before, the tips shared below will help you alot. Here are some of the best ways to fix leaking pipes. So, let us have a look at them. 

1- Shut the Water Supply

Before repairing the leaking pipes, shutting the water supply of the pipe is necessary. Repairing a pipe crack or hole gets easier when the surface is dry. Therefore, find the main source in the cellar and shut it off. The reason is to stop the water from entering the house, preventing further damage. However, if you don’t know how to turn the supply off or can’t find the main source, you can call local plumbing services in Orlando, FL

2- Drain the Water in the Pipes

After you turn the supply off, you must drain the remaining water from the pipes. Start by draining the pipe at the lowest point, for example, an outside faucet or basement sink. Turn on the tap and keep the water running until the water is completely removed. If there is a leak in a pipe leading to a particular appliance, drain that pipe. After draining the water from every pipe, dry the area around the leakage with a clean cloth. It will make the repair work easier as the pipe won’t be slippery. Pipe repairs usually depend upon the area of the leakage. It can either be a hole in your pipe or a loose joint connecting two pipes. However, it can be repaired easily in both cases. 

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3- Fix the Pipe Leakage with Fiberglass Tape

A simple way plumbing service providers adopt to fix the leaking pipe is fiberglass tape. It makes complex problems easier and is easy to use. Before using the tape, make sure that the pipe is completely dry. The tape automatically hardens when properly exposed to moisture; therefore, use it properly with expert guidance. Roll the tape around the leak completely and turn on the water to see if it works. 

4- Use of Epoxy Putty for Temporary Stabilization

This product will naturally heat up during application and can be painful if you use your hands. This is why plumbing services in Orlando, FL, use rubber gloves to handle tougher tasks. Hence, you must also wear rubber gloves when working with epoxy putty. Follow the steps below to apply epoxy putty.

  • Take a little amount of epoxy from the tube, put it on the palm of your hand, and crush it with your fingers. 
  • To activate the epoxy, mix the darker part with the lighter one. 
  • When the epoxy acquires a uniform light gray color, you can stop mixing it. 
  • Start applying the epoxy around the pipe leak and surround it completely. 
  • To form a seal, apply the tape at the edges of the epoxy. 
  • If you have mixed the epoxy correctly, it will be set very quickly so you can reuse the water. 
  • While the epoxy hardens, set it aside for some time to harden. Experts advise leaving the epoxy on the crack for at least 5 minutes.  
  • Turn the water on once the epoxy sets to check if it worked. 

5- How to Fix Big Water Leaks

The holes in your pipes causing leaks are often large and can’t be repaired using tape or epoxy. When this happens, you should use clamps that come with rubber gaskets to ensure a water-tight seal. These clamps can be bought from any hardware store, but make sure to get the clamp with the same length as the leaking pipe if you are tightening it. When it comes to other ways to fix pipe leaks, turn off the water supply first. Apply the clamp properly to the area that needs water leak repairs. Using a wrench, start tightening the bolts to fix the clamp on the leak permanently. Continue to tighten the screws until the bracket snaps into place and stops turning. After this, turn on the water connection to make sure you have sealed the water flow. 

If you have a leaking pipe, use the tips and ways shared above to fix it as soon as possible. No matter what method you are using, make sure to turn off your water supply before you start working so that your pipes don’t leak while you are working.