Backlinks are links a website gets from other websites. Today, Google takes advantage of a website’s backlinks and their relevancy or quality to rank the site on page one of the Search Engine Response Page [SERP]. This is because a site with high-quality backlinks indicates its value in the industry of interest, credibility, and reputation.

Backlinks Quality

The quality of backlinks depends on the site from which the link is from, for example, my site deals in cosmetics and I have backlinks from sites dealing in computer accessories or any other non-related niche, no, those are low-quality links and at some point, it can be seen as spam/unreal links by Google.

A site with 50 high-quality links ranks higher with SEO than a site with 1000 low-quality links because there is a genuine correlation. High-quality links can also be termed as premium backlinks.

How to buy a backlink?

There are two forms of purchased backlinks:

(a) Expired domains with minimum vetting criteria are re-hosted, provided with content and fed with paid traffic to appear as real sites yet in actual sense, they’re not. After, one-way backlinks are created from such sites.

(b) Looking for reputable sites or blogs in your niche, talk to them and get to know how much a backlink to your site can cost, you can purchase the link provide you reach an agreement. These links can also be created in forums and simple blogs.

Now, it’s you to decide which format is best for you. (a) is riskier and vulnerable than (b).

So, for that let us focus on (b), Google won’t get to penalize you for purchasing a link from more reputable sites like Forbes or New York Times because they’re real sites with a reputation. It won’t even be easy for Google to detect that the link is purchased.

Now, I’m seeing you’re asking yourself, “How will I use the premium backlink and where can I buy a few premium backlinks?” That question is fully answered, right here. Let’s do the linking for you so that you concentrate on content creation, website designing, and user experience.

The best way to buy a premium backlink is to deal with a provider who has access to reputable sites and authoritative domain extensions, org, gov, edu, and .inc. These sites are highly recognizable by the search engines and will help you rank higher.


When we start up an online business, we all want them rank on the front page for a given set of keyword phrases, so as to increase the business exposure, but more often we forget the other fundamentals for landing on page number one. Those times are over, now all you have to do is to let us do the backlink distribution focusing on your SEO.

Remember, we work on backlinks only and other parameters for SEO, for example, keyword phrases, webpage SEO optimization, and others are your responsibility yet they also affect the rank of your website on page number one.

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