Best Video Games for Teenagers

video games for teenagers

Many parents fret over giving their child a chance to play and engage with the animated world. As much as parents dislike video games for their kids they know that it is an essential part of their childhood. And the truth is somewhat similar, there is no childhood without video games and video games play a major role in child development skills whether it be basic cognitive skills or the ability to deal with the challenges in life.

Now when it comes to choosing the appropriate video game for your children or letting them choose themselves the choices are far too many. While some video games pose a greater challenge than others some are just too basic. You need to carefully choose a game that helps you fight the challenges and also make you think and brainstorm your mind. Here are a few games that help you make your choice for the most popular game easier.

Counter Strike

A game that develops precision and tactical thinking. Counter strike is one of the most popular shooting games of all times. The two teams of armed forces and terrorists allow you to skillfully plan an escape process where you defuse the bomb and get all the hostages free. The game teaches time management, accuracy and team work. Counter strike has been a popular game for ages because of its multiple weapons and various scenario options.

Last of Us

One of the most popular games since the last few years. Last of us is a story structured around a world apocalypse where a guy struggles to keep a child safe while fighting all the evil in the form of zombies. The game takes through an emotional journey where all the challenges need to be well thought upon and taken seriously. Last of us develops skills, managing limited resources, trying to fight troubles with a positive approach and most of all it tells a wonderful story.

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov a popular game among the teenagers is the reason why children love playing video games so much. Escape from Tarkov can be played in a mode where you can chat online with your friends and together save the city. It is a challenging game that requires planning and strong use of critical analysis. While this game is becoming popular among kids the prices are sometimes a deal breaker. But owing to the popularity there are various coupons and deals which help you buy escape from Tarkov at affordable rates. You can use escape from tarkov promo code to get the subscription for lower rates.


A journey of a man towards an adventure. Uncharted is a video game series directed around Nathan Drake who is accounting for a search for treasure. All the 4 parts consist of rivals, enemies, challenges, obstacles and everything that will keep you hooked to your screens for long. The game develops thinking and problem solving tactics to meet many challenges and it takes a teamwork approach to achieve the final goal. It is one of the most popular video games of all times.

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