Best Treks for Beginners in India

beginners best treks


Every passionate adventurer out there waits eagerly for the weekend to arrive to fulfill his passion for trekking and explore a new place. It is equally true that every adventurer, trekker, explorer had his first venture in his lifetime. Everyone starts from the grassroot to their way up to the summit. Similarly, nature has provided treks for beginners to reach the toughest rewarding summit  someday. Here are some of the best treks fit for beginners which will help fuel their passion for trekking. 

Kedarkantha Trek

beginners best treks

The divine land of Uttarakhand is gaining its popularity for its winter trek, Kedarkantha. Situated at 12,500 ft, Kedarkantha trek lies in the easy to moderate level of difficulty. The trail involves snow covered slopes, a frozen lake and pine forests. The challenging part is the freezing temperature and camping in that freezing temperature. If you want to move a level up from beginner to intermediate, Kedarkantha is the best choice to begin with.  

Triund Trek

Try out your beginner’s luck at Triund Trek, Himachal Pradesh. It is every trekker’s dream to hike in the mighty Himalayas. Often presumed that treks in the Himalayas are tough and rigorous, whereas Triund defies this stereotype. This short duration trek is the best weekend getaway and a beautiful trek for beginners. The trek trail includes forests, open ridges and slopes with a scenic view of the valley. The best part of this trek is that you can also set up tents on the summit and have a surreal sunset. This two day trek is one of the most famous treks in Himachal Pradesh often mentioned in tourists’ to-do list. 

Nag Tibba Trek

Another Himalayan trek for beginners is Nag Tibba in Uttarakhand. This is also a short distance trek which can be done all around the year. The base village is Pantwari which is 80 kms away from Dehradun. The camps are set up at Pantwari where you can stay in tents and have bonfire nights. The winters are blissful and magical, covered with white blanket of shiny snow. Although if one wants to experience the green meadows of Uttarakhand, Nag Tibba is the best place to witness that. The trails are fairly simple provided you hire a local guide to educate you about the region and its history.

Gokarna Beach Trek

Begin your trekking journey with a variety of treks. Experience the snowy Himalayan Treks, tropical Western ghats and a beach trek along the west coast of India. Gokarna Beach trek covers a trail parallel to the west coast that contains cliffs, forest patches, boulders and six beaches. The trek is fairly easy and requires a whole day. At the end of the trek, opt to camp on the Gokarna main beach  as you watch the sun go down over the horizon. 

Bhivgad Trek

Located in the rock steady Sahyadri Ranges of Maharashtra, Bhivgad is one of the fort treks in Raigad district. Majority of forts in Maharashtra are built on elevated surfaces turning them into a fort trek. This is a 1 hour hike to the top of the fort. The trail is easy and you will get to spot 2 caves carved out of stone in the fort and nine water tanks built in the ancient era. The terrain is slippery and often forms waterfalls during the monsoons. The surroundings are drenched and all you can see is the endless lush green carpet covered with white clouds. The neighboring peaks involve Matheran hills, Sondai Fort, Prabalmachi fort. 

Mullayanagiri Trek

The state of Karnataka is blessed with Western Ghats ranges due to its prime location. The peak of Mullayanagiri is the tallest peak in the state with an elevation of 6000 ft above sea level. Yet ironically,  it is not the toughest trek in Karnataka. The trail is plain and offers a 360 degree view of the valley till the summit. You can drive upto the farthest point, basically the summit and cover the remaining portion on foot. The hike is lengthy and contains long steps. During the winters, the peak is covered in fog as the trail is revealing itself in a grand manner. It is ideal for beginners since the terrain is a plateau with rarely any rocky patches. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 30, passion to explore and have an adventure never expires. Step out and begin with your first adventure and keep exploring. For the best summit views, you will need to finesse the base of your mountain. And this comes with consistency and a driven  attitude. The tougher ones are Chadar trek, Kumara Parvatha, cross state trekking etc.   

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