What to do if your Car Engine Overheats?

Car Engine Overheats

The most logical thing to do is to seek auto repair services as soon as your car engine starts to engine overheats. However, that is not the recommended thing to do as engine repair services cannot do much if you fail to properly follow the tips we are about to discuss below. Before discussing these tips, let us discuss the top reasons for an overheated engine.

Why Car Engine Overheats?

  • Cooling System Leak

If there is a problem with the cooling system, it prevents the engine Overheats from escaping. Due to it, the engine cannot cool down.

  • Faulty Radiator

The purpose of the radiator is to cool down the engine. A faulty radiator will not be able to cool down the coolant. As the coolant is responsible for keeping the engine’s temperature in check, a defective radiator will result in an overheated engine.

  • Broken Water Pump

The coolant is circulated to the engine with the help of the water pump. If the pump is broken or even clogged, the engine will begin to overheat.

Signs of an Engine Overheating

We have discussed why car engines overheats. Now, let us talk about the signs that indicate an engine is overheating.

Temperature Gauge

Keep an eye on the temperature gauge in the dashboard. If the temperature starts to increase suddenly, it indicates that the engine/vehicle is overheating.


If steam appears from in front of the vehicle, it indicates that the engine overheating to dangerous levels.


Coolant and oil leak smells are different from one another. In any case, if you can feel a strange odour from the car’s front part, it might be something to do with the engine.

Now, let us get back to the main topic.

Tips for Dealing with an Overheating Engine

 If you have the air conditioning turned on when the engine begins to overheat, immediately turn it off. The next thing to do is turn on the heating. It might seem foolish, but it is not. Why? Well, it is simple – turning on the heating will divert the pressure away from the engine to the passenger cabin.

Irrespective of whether the engine is cooling down or not, pull over immediately. Turn off the engine and get out of the vehicle. Remember to lower down the windows before exiting and open all the doors. Call an engine Overheats repair services provider and tell them about your situation. They might send you a mobile mechanic or ask you to avail their mobile mechanic services.

If you are based in the UAE, you can avail repair services from PitStopArabia which also offer mobile mechanic and vehicle recovery services. If you are in an area with no roadside assistance or recovery options, do not panic. Wait for twenty to thirty minutes and then open the hood. If you open the hood before, there is a chance that the coolant might spurt and burn you in the process.

Once the hood is open, spray the radiator cap with water to cool it down. Now, open the lid and add coolant. If you do not have a coolant, you can add water. The main point is to have enough fluid inside the radiator so that it works properly. Now, the temperature might be coming back to normal.

If yes, do not start the vehicle immediately. Wait for another 10 to 15 minutes before starting the engine. Drive to the nearest workshop and address the problem immediately. Do not delay the vehicle inspection as the overheating might be a sign of a major problem with the engine or its associated components.

Wrap Up

This concludes the article. If you have anything to share, please let us know in the comments section below. Thank You. Kindly do not ignore engine problems. If they are allowed to linger, it can cause severe damage to the vehicle and its resale value.

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