Snacks For Beer Buddies

What is more satisfying than having a pint of beer after a long day? If you love to make casual dinners for friends or want to have team building after work, you know that sometimes some snacks are needed. 

But what goes well with beer? 

In this article, we bring you 6 snacks that are easy to make and your beer buddies will love it, even if you don’t have time to be in the kitchen


When someone mentions pretzels, they don’t have to be store-bought. It looks like a very complicated bread to do, but it is quite simple. What is more, you need only basic ingredients and it will take you only 30 minutes and some creativity to make them. You can serve them as the main snack or with sauces, sausages and different types of cheese. You can choose the side and have a very decorative snack for any occasion and cheaply made for many people. 

Chips And Dips 

Serving chips and dips can easily be ready when guests arrive, but you can lift it on the other level. Besides using store-bought chips and dips, you can bake your own and find the ideal for your taste. Combine yellow potato with sweet potato and add more flavours, which include spices like red or smoked pepper, Italian herbs or spicy kick. Baking your chips is easier than you think and you need to thinly slice it only. Even though you don’t like cooking, preparing a dip is very simple and you can easily combine your favourite flavours. 


Sliders are very delicious beer snacks and there are so many varieties that you can adjust them to everyone. They can be stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables with different sauces and spices. Also, this can be a proper meal and you can combine more of them for one dinner. They are smaller than burgers and bite-size, so easier to eat while drinking beer and casually hanging out. 

Stuffed Vegetables 

There are so many vegetables that can be stuffed and served as beer salty snacks. Also, this can be a healthier snack option and ideal for more people. It isn’t time-consuming and you don’t have to be very skillful in cooking. Mushrooms, peppers, pickles… They all can be stuffed. Also, you can find the ideal stuffing and adapt it to your taste, so countless ideas are possible. The most often is cheese or chopped ham as a stuffing, but always try to use more vegetables and spices.  

Puff Pastry 

Puff pastry is an ideal snack with beer because it has a neutral taste and you can stuff it with everything. Even though some salty snacks are naturally better with beer, you can add jams or chocolate in it and have a dessert. Also, you can make it bite-sized and easier for consuming holding a can of beer. What is more, it is a cheap solution for more people and ideal for any occasion. Some of the most popular salty stuffing is ham, tomato, cheese and pepperoni. Because of easier shaping, you can make them be bite-size and 

Baked Toast 

Even though toast is mostly eaten in the morning, it can be a great snack for beer buddies. You have an option to make paninis and add different ingredients inside, but why not to bake it? Baked toast is a simple recipe where you add ham and cheese into cream and eggs and spread it on toast. Bake it for a few minutes and you will get perfect and salty snacks for more people easily. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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