Best 7 Corporate Event Ideas for 2022

Socialisation, as a whole, has become more important during the last couple of years. The global situation has not been easy on Australia as well and, it can be tough, even for Aussies, to get by. Social distancing, isolations and restrictions have put a full stop to many forms of human interactions, gatherings and similar. The effect is starting to show as we crave more and more social interactions and time to spend with our friends and family. 

Workmates are not exempt from this, as there are few things more valuable than an awesome team that you feel at home with. Seeing as we spend a lot of time with these people, it makes sense to befriend and get to know them better. And what better way for that to happen than in the form of various events and activities? Here are some suggestions that you might find useful.

1. Gaming Nights

corporate event ideas

Gaming is currently a dominating business, toping movies and music by a long shot. The stigma that was long associated with it is also long gone and in the past. As more and more adults are going for this incredible hobby. Chances are that some of your workmates, or all, are playing a game in their free time. There are loads of genres and types of them out there, but it’s easy to find those that are universally appealing so that the whole team may enjoy them. 

Playing together strengthens communication and coordination as in them you usually have to achieve common goals. It encourages cooperation, which helps along the way in building a good team foundation. And it’s still enjoyable from your home. Or you can make a LAN party and do it the old-fashioned way.

2. Virtual Food tasting

Cheese, exotic items from Asia or Africa, pizza night, craft time, there are endless opportunities to choose from. You can gather around and share your impressions, or go a step further and try to make some recipes of your own on the common topic. Afterwards, you can share your experience and impressions. This way, you get to know each other’s tastes and opinions better as food and beverages are universal conversation openers. Think of this as a platform to get the conversation going.

3. Hiking

Now for some actual outdoor activities that will separate you from the monitor. The great Australian outdoors can provide plenty of great event management opportunities. Nearby landmarks can provide an excellent getaway for the weekend. Depending on your location, as Australia is quite large and diverse, you can go for a beach walk, mountain hike, forest trails, camping and hiking thru the fields. Communicating together and finding that sweet spot is what can help you agree on a universal solution. Once you are out of the workspace environment and in the wild, you will see others in a different spotlight. These activities can also provide ample chances for creating unforgettable memories that will be recited at meetings to come.

4. Charity runs

It’s possible to combine the useful and practical. This is an extension of hiking as, with any charity runs, you can help raise funds as a team for any number of occasions. Your company’s reputation and name also get involved. Giving back to the community is a noble cause. Your team and you can get involved in current affairs and events, so that you may contribute together similarly as you do in your company. These types of events are perfect to smoothen your inner communication. You can all also apply some of the skills you learned while working.

5. Summer party

If you want to unwind and forget about everything, without any obligations or planning, then it’s party time! The easiest way to get loose and forget about work and stress is to pour a few drinks, let the music flow and relax. These company summer parties can be in a more relaxing and de-stressing form. Or you can go full Friday night fever, whatever you want to go for! We would like to point out that moderation in everything is more important than ever. Excessive amounts of anything can do more harm than good, so please keep that in mind.

6. Virtual chain reactions

Think of this as a baton race. One person can start with a story or on the event, online or offline, and at a certain point, he passes the conversation to the other team member. This way the whole team gets involved in creative ways, as each person can continue the presentation or the event in the way they feel like. This event digitally connects various individuals to create a chain reaction, despite social distancing in the home office. The more appropriately people work together, the more effective and successful the result. No one is left out, and the activity can be fun for everyone.

7. Virtual Pub Quiz

Trivia quizzes are perfect ice breakers or can be used to carry the entire theme of the party/event. Fields of interest can be just about anything. They help to better broaden your knowledge, and they also provide great insight into the interests, education and hobbies of your team members. The answers to various questions can be humorous and entertaining which helps to ease the mood. Rewards for correct answers, or better yet incorrect ones, can be from doing shots or some minor rewards at the office, whatever you and your managers agree on. 

While all of this may seem like a handful at first, the most important thing is to get started. Choosing any activity is better than none, even if it does not prove to be the best one out there. That’s completely fine and, you can always opt for a different one next time. Even “bad” events can be humorous topics during team conversations later on. One by one, and before you know it, you will be out there having fun and creating a better team environment. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and are looking forward to many pictures from your events.

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