Best SEO practices for App visibility

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The digital world is a bit complicated but once you get a hold of it, your business can touch heights. Websites are crawled or scanned by search engines to provide the user with the most relevant results. But what about the apps?

With Google confirming that mobile search results are more in number than the desktops ones, it has been proved that even apps are scanned by the search engine. This means you need to adopt some of the useful and unique strategies for the promotion and higher ranking of your android app development services.

Getting your app noticed in the mobile search results will increase your customer base. It will also retain the current customers by improving your reputation. Not sure about the strategies to use for this? No worries, you have landed at the right place. Here you will find everything that can help you understand the mobile search results better.

How is an app discovered by a user?

Google did a survey recently and found out that 40% of app discoveries are made through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The remaining discoveries are made through friends, family, search engines, TV ads, etc.

This means search engines scan the apps as well. So, you need to adopt proper SEO services in India strategies and practices to rank higher and get your app discovered. Remember, ignoring the search engine results means you are losing 27% of the targeted audience. It’s best to adopt the following SEO mobile app practices and give your business more customers.

Best SEO practices for App visibility

Keywords: The ultimate tool to beat the SEO algorithms are relevant keywords. Like any desktop website, keywords are necessary for a mobile app as well. You can use a famous and trusted keyword planner and searcher to find relevant keywords.

Adding relevant keywords to your app’s title and description will quickly give the search engine what it’s searching for. This will help you get higher ranks in the search results. Your app will be discovered by the audience.

Unique backlinks: Also known as inbound links, backlinks direct web users to your site when they are scrolling to some other website. You can also add links to your own app to its download page. This brings more traffic to the app and increases your reach to the audience.

Reviews: The reviews you get from your existing customers play a key role in-app results. Google pays strong heed to your app’s reviews. So, make sure you are reviewed well and your app clearly displays the customer reviews.

Ratings: Just like the reviews, search engines also consider your ratings. This affects your rank in the mobile app searches. You are advised to clearly display your app ratings for better ranking in the Google results.

App store optimisation: ASO is something similar to SEO. It helps the apps gain a higher ranking. ASO is targeted for mobile app searches. It assists your application in reaching more customers by increasing its visibility on the app store.

Your mobile app is visible to more people when you adopt relevant strategies. It is essential to be careful with the keywords and other methods for better results.

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