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The Android L or v 5.0 or above gives the user the facility to record the screen video of the phone or the tablet without rooting the device. You can record the screen in the Android KitKat version also but it has some limitations but in the higher versions of Android it has become extremely easy to record the screen as in the screencasts on your desktop. The higher versions of Android has the feature with the best screen recorder no watermark i.e. you can record the screen and you will also not get the watermark.

You only have to open the screen recorder, tap on the record button and everything will start recording including the touch projections. The file will be saved as MPEG-4 video.

There are wider options to record the screen which is available on the Play Store with free screen recorder online. Some of the Apps are free while for others we have to pay. Mostly all of the applications offer the same set of features. Every app offers to record the external microphone but none of the recorders record the internal audio of the system, maybe it could be because of some limitation in the Android.

The Mirror Screen Recorder records the Android screen as well as mirror the phone on the desktop with the AllCast Receiver which is a free app for Chrome. The settings are quite simple and the recording can be done without any problem but it comes with only one limitation that you will get a watermark on the video and there is no option to disable the watermark action.

Show more screen recorder is another great screen recorder for the phone and you can also live cast your phone screen to the desktop and it does not have any watermark in the video. This app can save your video in several formats like MKV, AVI, and MOV. But when you cast the screen in the desktop then it will lag the video.

Let’s gather some more information

You can also get some other screen recorders like Misty, Hecorat, and Rivulus by which the recording can be done in several resolutions like 1280×720 and 1920×1080 at 30 fps. We can activate the display touches and also it does not have any watermark and the videos can be recorded without any watermark. The notifications are added when in the notification bar when the recording is being done.

With Telecine, you can record screen that too without any complicated interface. A 3-second countdown is also displayed when the recording is started which gives time to hide the app from the screencast. The recording can be stopped by tapping a particular invisible area on the screen which is convenient so that you do not have to open the notification bar.

Rec is also another screen recorder app which has an easy to use interface. When you will turn off the screen then it will automatically stop the recording session. But you need to upgrade the app in order to show the screen touches and for the recording the microphone audio.


Many of the screen recorder apps show a similar kind of interface and features but Telecine is the most convenient one. It just comes with the features which are essential to record the screen. There are very limited apps which have screen recorders. No watermark feature and the above screen recorders are the best for it.

In case you are looking to record the screen and also screencast on the chrome desktop then Mirror is the best. We displayed all the best screen recorders here. If you are using any other screen recorder apps or want more information on other screen recording apps then you can tell us by commenting in the comments section below. Our team of experts is always ready to help you. Please do comment about the above recorders if you are using and give your valuable feedback. Your comments are valuable to us.

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