Top 5 Things to You Can Do in New Haven, Connecticut

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Wondering, why New Haven (Connecticut) is the new get-away for people! Raising kids at New Haven, by giving them the opportunity to let them explore art, architecture, nature at every turn and historical theories can be fun. 

I planned a trip to New Haven, Connecticut using Tripp App, the best route record iOS app, which took me to places effortlessly! The place was mesmerizingly incredible. It’s the place where the birth of American Pizza took place, I enjoyed the architecture of this city which was one of its own kind. 

The places I loved the most and are still fresh in my memories are:

A Walk in Yale Old Campus

Referred to as the outdoor museum of architecture, this place houses the diversity of styles, cultures and traditions. I reached the place through the best route tracking app for iPhone, Tripp App and was for a moment stunned looking at the beauty of the place. The ambitious designs like the Statue of Theodore Dwight Woolsey is marvellous. There’s a saying that touching his feet brings good luck to one. 

Walking in the Footsteps of Dinosaurs at Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

This place is superbly wonderful! Walking down in its discovery room is like an intellectual playground for kids. Kids can put together a rabbit skeleton as well as spot endangered dart frogs in the rainforest habitat and touch a 100 million-year-old fossil. Thanks to the best route record iOS app, for letting me reach this place hassle-free. More than 150 years old museum in the city is worth the visit!

Viewing Cushing Brain Collection

Warning: Not for the faint hearts! The ones who enjoy unusual and new things must spend an afternoon at Cushing Brain historic collection that has a collection of diseased dead brains. I was unable to find my way at first, but Tripp app the best route tracking app for iPhone (I must say), helped me track my way and reach there in no time. With more than 400 jars on display, this place has really got that spooky vibes! Go and discover the wildness this place holds.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

This stunning, elevated building holds the universities extensive collection of medieval manuscripts, rare books, maps, historic tracts as well as modern-day items rare limited editions and artists’ books. Tripp app helps me track my route becoming the best route record iOS app of all time! This building is also the largest in the world, being the 6-storey tower of book stacks! Exciting isn’t it?

Explore the Judges Cave 

Do you the famous story behind it? Two British judges fled and hid in these caves after they sentenced King Charles I to death. There’s an interesting story from where these caves got this mysterious name. You can hike and reach here which will leave you with altogether a different experience. 

Don’t forget to download the best route tracking app for iPhone and have a hassle-free joyous trip! 

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