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When you decide to buy or sell a house, it is like entering into a whole new world. It is the world rarely encountered unless you are in the business. Either it is about selling or buying a new house, it is a big deal for most of us. 

It is one of the biggest investments of our lives and it is important to find the right professional for the job. It is a tedious job to find the right person for the job but the efforts you put in the process are worth it. Here are a few steps to find the best real estate agent.

You should not hurry to decide, as the wrong choice can cost you a lot. Buy or sell only with the best among the rest.

Let us look at the important steps to your dream deal.

1. Hire A Lender

Before you hire a real estate agent, look for a lender. The lender can help you learn how much you can afford. Most of the experts recommend talking to a lender so that you make a good deal at the end.

2. Get To Know “Realtors” And “Real Estate Agents”

There is a difference between realtors, real estate agents, and brokers. Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). They abide by the association’s code of ethics. Some of them are certified as specialists in residential properties.

Brokers have the license to employ real estate agents. They have passed the states license exam. Whereas real estate agents are certified people to sell or buy on behalf of clients. If you want to be in the safest hands look for a realtor starting with a capital “R”.   

3. Ask Your Friends And Neighborhood

We may not realize but people around us are always buying and selling houses. When you need to find a reliable agent, ask your neighbors. They would suggest the best local agent who is familiar with your area because they are experienced. Your friends and family members can also have a say in this important matter.

4. Search Online Listings

Internet is a great tool to find reliable companies. You just need to look closely and do not ignore the details. Personal referrals along with the online listings can get you to the best professional out there. Simply type a query of “sell my house” and start reading reviews.  

5. Interview Well Ahead

You must interview the agent well ahead. It is better to meet at least three agents to have proper estimates.

6. Ask Important Questions

You should ask how long they have been handling sales. Check their knowledge about contracts. You can ask for the contact details of previous clients.  Ask for the licenses. Do not hesitate to ask any question and it is okay to fire an agent when you do not have the comfort level.  

7. Check Responsiveness

Effective communication is a crucial requirement for dealing. If a real estate agent does not pick your call often and fails to respond, it is better to look for another.  

8. Market Knowledge

A reliable agent should have enough knowledge about your area and the local market. It helps you to structure your offer.  

9. Honesty

Honesty is the best policy especially when it comes to buying or selling a house.  

10. Have A Look At The Contract

When you have picked a professional real estate agent, have a look at the contract before signing it. Read all the clauses carefully. Best of luck!

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