Best Razor Bump Treatment

razor bump treatment

If you are like many people, you sometimes experience skin irritation after removing unwanted hair. This can happen after shaving, tweezing, waxing or using depilatories. Razor bumps occur when a new hair follicle attempts to break through your skin, but instead folds back on itself and becomes trapped just under the skin’s surface. This creates an inflamed bump that is unsightly and irritating. However, you will be pleased to discover that products exist that will help you to prevent this condition. When shopping for the best razor bump treatment you should consider one of the following top ten products.

Bump Patrol Intensive Treatment

Consumers who need quick relief from skin irritation report that Bump Patrol Intensive Treatment works in as little as 48 hours. It will also condition your skin and help to prevent other breakouts, such as acne and blackheads. It is an easy-to-use gel and leaves your skin smooth and tight.

High Time Bump Stopper

If you have sensitive skin, but need an effective treatment for razor bumps, then High Time Bump Stopper is a brand you should consider. It is a dermatologist-approved, clinically tested cream. Its concentrated formula works by keeping your hair exposed, which in turn eliminates bumps and ingrown hair as you shave. Good results are guaranteed within seven days. Consumers are pleased with how quickly it is absorbed by their skin and many have stated that positive results were noted in less than three days. It is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Organic Tea Tree Anti-Bump Lotion

If you prefer an organic product for razor bumps, Organic Root Tea Tree Anti-Bump Lotion is probably your best choice. Described as cooling, soothing and effective by consumers, this product helps to prevent ingrown hair and other types of shaving irritation. In addition, its extra ingredients also inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of your skin, helping it to stay soft and smooth. It offers results in three to five days.

No Bump by Gigi

Designed to eliminate ingrown hair and bumps from shaving, waxing and electrolysis, No Bump by Gigi is nonirritating and fast-acting. Positive results are generally seen within three days and most consumers are highly pleased with the formula’s smoothing properties. This product is especially effective if your method of hair removal is a manual or electric shaver.

B and C Skin Tight-Extra Strength

If you want to eliminate razor burn and irritation as well as exfoliate your skin, then B and C Skin Tight Lotion is your best option. This formula offers beneficial results in as little as 72 hours and works well regardless of which hair removal method you use. It is available in standard or extra strength and leaves your skin smooth and clear every time.

Using Your Product Appropriately

Selecting the best razor bump treatment is important; however, it is also essential to understand how to use your product of choice correctly. Although each brand typically comes with its own specific instructions, the following are some general tips that will help you to enjoy the most benefits from the brand you select:

How and Where to Use your Treatment

Most razor bump products can be used on any area of your skin from which you intend to eliminate hair. You should place the gel or cream in your hand, and use the same palm to spread the product on your skin. It is typically not wise to place the product in between your palms and rub them together to create friction, as this can compromise the strength of certain brands and lessen their effectiveness. If you prefer, you can apply the product with cotton balls or a soft body sponge. Always keep your skin moisturized with the product of your choice throughout the hair removal process and avoid putting excessive pressure on your skin when applying the formula. If you are using a hair remover cream, it is usually appropriate to mix the treatment with your chosen depilatory unless otherwise stated on the product’s directions. In addition, it is important to understand that certain brands are designed for use on specific areas of your skin. Do not assume that it is suitable to use such creams or gels on other areas of your body, as this may result in a painful rash.

Most gels and creams designed to eliminate razor bumps should be used at least once a day in order to experience the best results. However, it is always wise to read the manufacturer’s instructions for any brand that you use, as this information may contain unique facts pertaining specifically to that product.

Tend Skin

Tend Skin is a potent razor bump gel that is safe for all skin types. It typically works within four days and is hypoallergenic. It offers especially good results after waxing or laser hair removal procedures.

HeadBlade ClearHead

If you have oily skin, HeadBlade ClearHead is an excellent choice. It is a lightly scented lotion that helps prevent ingrown hairs and eradicates razor bumps. Its oil-reducing properties are due to the cinnamon extract and zinc contained in the formula. However, is best used after shaving, rather than during the hair removal process. It generally works in less than a week.

Dr. Earles Razor Bump Lotion

Dr. Earles Razor Bump Lotion is designed to prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps, particularly around the bikini area. It contains natural minerals and vitamins, as well as properties that help kill bacteria on the surface of your skin. It is clinically tested and hypoallergenic. Individual results vary with regard to how quickly the product works.

PFB Vanish

If you are prone to acne or eczema in addition to your razor bumps, then PFB Vanish is a great choice for you. It contains anti-bacterial properties and offers deep exfoliating action. A favorite of many consumers who are prone to skin irritations, PFB Vanish is fragrance free and usually offers results within four days.

Princereigns Shaving Gel

If you do not have sensitive skin and are looking for a fast acting treatment for razor bumps, consider Princereigns Shaving Gel. This lightly scented, potent formula works within two days, and according to consumers it also removes blemishes and age spots.

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