What Could Be The Best Rakhi Gift For My Younger Brother?

rakhi gifts

You and your brother has always been a happy sibling. But as the elder sister sometimes you have to tolerate his naggings. But at the same time, he is your sweet little brother. This year on rakhi you thought to give him something fabulous that will make him in good spirit. If you want to have a merry feeling then without any second thought, just scroll to get some bright ideas that you can send through same day delivery gifts.

Card and Chocolate

Undoubtedly the chocolate with a card is the best ever combo gift that you can pick for any occasion. Similarly, for this Rakhi you thought to get that same thing for your younger brother, The gift you got has a card showing the little sister and a brother. Actually, it shows the duo picture of both the sister and the brother. Besides that, you can also get a box of three chocolates. And a specialty of the chocolate is that these are handmade white chocolates with the word bro written on each one of them.

Rakhi for Well Health

As an elder sister, you always notch up to gift something to your younger brother that will promise him to sound health. So does this year on Rakhi you did plan something like that and you thought to gift him two mason jars filled with kaju and almonds. The best thing is that you also picked a rakhi along with this which has minute stone detailing feature. It is superb because he will indulge himself to have the dry fruits whenever he feels to do so without getting in the loop of having unhealthy snacks.

Signature Rakhi Gift

Selecting the typical type of rakhi gifts is like finding something unusual but yes you are the elder sister and you have to have that level of energy to do so. Honestly, you did find one of the signature rakhi gifts that your younger brother will cherish. The gift box has two medium-sized mason jars consisting of the salted almonds and the jar filled with butter cookies. And you know that very well that cookies are the favorite snacks of your little brother. But how can you forget to add the well-designed flower shaped rakhi that looks tempting with the full zari work on it? Apart from that you also got three sets of roli, chawal, and mishri in a separate container.

Customized Rakhi

No matter how expensive gift you get for the rakhi, but a personalized or customized gift for rakhi will always remain so touching. So this year on Rakhi you thought of getting a personalized Rakhi which will have the picture of you and your little brother. So the rakhi design you selected is actually a heart shaped one decorated with small pink and white beads. Also has the pink thread on either side of the Rakhi. No doubt nothing could be more special than this outstanding rakhi gift. The best is that younger brother can keep this for the rest of his as the best memory.

Choco Sweets

Sweets or chocolates always heighten up the spirit of any occasion. Therefore choosing this particularly as the medium of a gift is definitely a wonderful idea and you should always go for that. So this year on Rakhi you too thought the same way and decided to get a packet full of chocolates for your younger brother. But the perk that you thought to add on is that the chocolates you got are a bar of chocolate made with burfi. The clubbing of the two items delivers a distinct taste to the taste bud. Coming to your brother he will just love to take the taste then and there.

Thus, these are the best rakhi gifts for younger brother and sister as well.

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