Enthusiasm for Gaming is rising day by day. A lot of wonderful games are being released but when it comes to playing action combat games, then PUBG can never be compared. As it is not available in a few countries including India, the gamers are searching for its alternatives. According to Gamingfreak, there are more than ten PUBG alternatives. Here we are going to share three best PUBG alternatives that you must try.

PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds)

PUBG is a famous action packed survival game. It is developed by PUBG corporation and Krafton. In this game, a group of hundred players land on an island. Here they  have to collect essentials, shields, guns, medical kits and defeat other players.

The last man who survives wins the match and is rewarded with Chicken Dinner. In 2020, this game was banned from India due to privacy policies issues. Let’s have a look at some alternatives to PUBG.


BGMI is the first PUBG alternative game in our list. Battlegrounds Mobile India is an altered version of PUBG and was officially released on 1 July 2021. All the graphics, vehicles, skins, weapons, modes and maps are the same as those in PUBG. This game is altered to safeguard your privacy.

The download size of BGMI is reduced from 1.5 GB to 750 MB, which means that the new version will provide you a smooth experience. There are more than one crore downloads and an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store.

You can play this game on any android phone with at least 2 GB RAM and the operating system must be Android 4.3 and above. In case you are playing PUBG using VPN, then we will recommend you to play BGMI for the same gaming experience.

2. Free Fire

Free Fire is not just an alternative for PUBG but it is becoming a tough competition for PUBG. The developers of Free Fire are working to improve the game more and more. The company announced that soon a new version of Free Fire, namely Free Fire Max, will be released with premium graphics.. 

Free Fire is a free action survival game that is available on Google Play Store. Free Fire was created by Garena International and was released on 20 November 2017. There are a few changes in this game as compared to PUBG. One classic match consists of a total of 50 players and each combat goes for ten minutes.

Four Men squad, PVP matches, in game voice chat, 4v4 matches are also available in Free Fire. You can also check the guide for the best games on F95zone Communities.

The weapons, skins, and vehicles are similar to PUBG, but the graphics need to be improved. With more than hundred crore downloads, the game has an average rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store. Download size of this multiplayer survival game is nearly 750 MB, therefore you need a device with at least 2 GB of RAM for smooth gaming.

3. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is the last alternative game in our list of best PUBG alternatives. It is a battle royale survival game that is available for free on Google Play Store. This is a similar game that is developed by Activision Publishing and was released on 30 September 2019. 

Snipping, Racing, PVP, Battles can be enjoyed in this game. A lot of vehicles, outfits and skins are available in Call of Duty where you can easily customise the characters. Call of Duty has ten crore downloads and an average rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store. 

Its download size is 3.2 GB, and due to its size and high quality graphics, you will need a high end device to run this game. If you really want to be a part of action packed battles, then you must try Call of Duty.


In conclusion, we will say that if you just want to play PUBG, the Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a perfect choice as it is especially crafted for India. In this game there are no privacy issues and its size is less due to which it can run smoothly in medium specifications devices. 

Free Fire, Call of Duty are other alternatives that can entertain you. I hope you all enjoyed this guide regarding the best PUBG alternatives. In case you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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