Best Practices Of Web Push Notifications For Ecommerce

web push notifications

The boom in technology has developed the world and the way of doing business is being modified. Now everything happens on the internet and currently, web push notifications are one of the most popular methods on the internet. This is because it is such an effective tool that almost every eCommerce website or any other website uses at least one type of web push notifications.

Web push notifications are one of the most successful tools to boost conversion rate and website traffic. They are most efficient in conveying promotional and non-promotional notifications to the customers. It also delivers messages to the customer even if they are not using the website in the eCommerce industry and it is used all around the globe to help businesses to prosper.

web push notifications

But to get successful, you need to know how to properly use such a  useful tool and not everyone knows about the functional use of this tool. So we are here to justify any of your doubts and to give a brief description of this method through this article. This will help you to craft your web push notifications conveniently and help in the growth of your business.

1.   Limited flash sale alerts

Humans always get attracted towards sales and they make quick purchases without hesitation if the sale period is limited. It is believed that people react quickly when there is a sense of persuasion towards a product from which they are attracted or intend to purchase that product. We can take advantage of this mindset by sending them to push notifications of limited sale periods and by offering special offers. This will persuade the customer and vigor them to purchase a product from the website and it will increase the chances of website conversion.

2.   Viewers segmentation

Each viewer is different from another and has different expectations from a product. So you cannot send the same web push notifications to all the viewers or customers. You need to customize your notifications based on certain criteria and segment your audience into groups to get more specific. This step is necessary to create an effective marketing strategy that encourages the viewer to make a purchase.

These notifications gather a lot of useful information related to the viewers. Information such as web history, past purchases, page visited, viewer interest, gadget type, and much more.

This relevant information will help in segmenting your audience and this will allow you to create more specific and personalized campaigns that will provide you quick results such as higher CTR rates.

3.   Messages with a personalized touch

There is no use in gathering information of users if you cannot utilize it properly. This important information should be used in your personalized web push notifications.

Clients should send notifications in which they have interest and this can be done by observing their buying behavior and past purchases. Clients get more attracted to personalized messages and these messages also lure potential viewers to turn into customers. For example, if a notification starts with the first name of a customer then the customer will get more attracted to it as it is relatable to him/her.

4.   Design browser/web-based notifications

You need to design the message in a proper presentable manner to ensure that it does not get cut off. We are lucky that we can customize this feature. You need to segment your audience based on the device or browser they are using. Proper construction of a message will ensure that it looks presentable on all devices and browsers. We suggest you highlight important details at the starting of your message so there is no chance that the main content gets separated.

You can also check how your notification appears and ensure that it is presentable with send test notifications.

5.   Modify your opt-in prompt

To get your web push notifications the viewer gets the option of opt-in, if the viewer allows then only you can send push notifications to them. So we advise you to design your opt-in uniquely with some special customization and this will influence the viewer to allow your website to send notifications.

You need to send messages which are relevant to the potential customers and messages which show some value so that the customer allows you to send notifications. Provide them notifications related to sales alerts, price drops, breaking news, and much more.

Properly notify viewers so that they decide whether to opt-in or not.

6.   Manage your web push notification schedule

You need to manage the schedule of the notifications as per the schedule of the customer.

If the notifications are sent at a time that is annoying for the viewer such as early in the morning or midnight. This will make the viewer decide to unsubscribe from the notifications. So the messages should be sent when they are intended for them. This will ensure an amazing user experience and it might result in boosting CTR rates. Manage your notifications so they pop up at the right time and work efficiently.

7.   Keep track of your conversions

You should keep proper track of your conversions with the help of your web push campaigns.

If you are an eCommerce brand then you get the benefit that you can track your conversions.

You can determine that your campaign is helpful or not by conversion tracking. You need to repeatedly check your web push notifications to explore more ideas and solutions.

8.   Use of action button

After viewing your website what should the customer do? You need to add an action or CTA button which will land the customer on your website. The URL should contain relevant information which can help the customer to reach your product brochure and can make a purchase effortlessly.


No matter where your company stands right now, if you have understood how to effectively use web push notifications then nobody can stop you from chasing your success. We have suggested to you some best practices which will help you to grow and boost your conversions.

If you implemented our practices then it will also increase traffic on your website.

Web push notification is a golden opportunity to get successful. You can study and gain more knowledge related to these notifications from our website EngageAsap. We have given detailed information on web push notifications and also a free trial to give you a better understanding.

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