9 Important Criteria to Help You Choose the Right Plagiarism Checker

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Wide a wide variety of plagiarism tools available in the market it is common for students to feel confused regarding which is the best plagiarism checker for academic writing.

It is essential to get clarity on the missions and necessities to make the perfect pick. Be it for students, tutors or organisation, a common concern we have while picking the plagiarism checkers is “What criteria should we consider?”

The procedure of selecting the right plagiarism tool is not easy. For the productivity and efficiency of the solution, it is necessary to look for an ideal plagiarism checker tool. Let’s check out the various factors that can help you pick the best plagiarism tool for the academic institution.

⦁ User experience

While choosing the tool for the academic institution, you must pay attention to its user-friendliness. The tool you are choosing should not be that hard to figure out. The teachers, as well as students, must get the most of its functionality right away. There should not be any confusing navigation. Technologies are supposed to simplify things for us instead of making the work more complicated. You must check the user-friendliness of the tool before you pick the tool.

It is essential to get an up-to-date plagiarism checker, which does not affect the workflow. It will help the teachers evaluate the paper at a faster speed

⦁   Evaluate the extent of plagiarism checker software

Another way to inspect the accuracy of plagiarism checkers is by evaluating the coverage of the platforms you choose from. So to check its accuracy, you may ask the plagiarism checker software provider for a free trial or a live demo.

During the free trial period, evaluate the software by scanning heavily plagiarised custom writing to check the extent of the plagiarism. As you receive the plagiarism report, look for relevant outcomes. The report must not have any outdated or non-functioning links.

However, if the provider does not have this option, consider checking resources and reviews to find a solid evaluation. Note down all the sources that your software inspects for determining text similarity. Also, consider checking if they support multiple file formats.

⦁  Check for support

It is important to ensure that the plagiarism checker service provider you are choosing offers 24/7 email and landline options. The service provider also should have social media accounts where you can easily contact. The customer care service should be capable, fast and responsive. All the hand-ons providers tend to give direct contacts to maintain a more focused and efficient assistance. If you are paying money on a good plagiarism checker, you must take this into your account.

⦁  Take a look at their privacy policies

When you are choosing plagiarism checker software, the privacy policy is the first thing you need to check. Always remember to ask about the privacy policies of the provider. But along with that, you must also ensure whether the software is compliant with privacy policies like FERPA and GDPR. All the reliable plagiarism software you find online offers robust features and respects privacy by setting up a private or private repository.

⦁  Integration

 The solution might look functional and promising, but you should not ignore its integration process. So check whether the academic institution will be able to integrate the solution. Also consider asking yourself if you will require support from the support team for setting it up. Find out if there is any implementation help and onboard training offered by the service supplier. When these points are cleared to you, you will save yourself from nasty surprises that you might face in the future.

⦁  Tracking continuous updates

Another important factor is checking if the creators of the plagiarism checker software. The software provider must continuously enhance the existing features and fulfil the complaints and demands from the users. It is important to checking the user reviews to ensure the improvements and updates are bug-free and smooth. The mark of a good plagiarism checker is adjusting its features whenever new cheating techniques arise.

⦁    Speed

Every tool takes time to get installed, but there shouldn’t be any more hindrances in the performance of the software. The solution provided by the software provider must produce a quick result. Beware of all those services that tend to put your paper in a queue. Reliable software will not take so much time to check plagiarism errors in the paper.

Teachers especially need speedy results since they usually have dozens of papers to check every week. Teachers will require efficient plagiarism checkers to check hundreds of assignment’s originalities within a short time.

⦁    Pricing version

When it comes down to funding educational institution, the selection of plagiarism software becomes complicated. It will be your responsibility as an LMS admin to find the price- efficient alternate. If you think about the long-term saving a few hundred dollars, in the beginning, will not be a problem. Before you pay, consider thinking about what you will get and find out how technical solution will affect your institution in the long term.

⦁ Functionality and effectiveness

As a college representative, you will know exactly what characteristics will require raising students’ and educators’ operation. LMS ad operations understand the specific instructional technology needs of the establishment of the department. As a school representative, you will know best what features require boosting to improve students and teachstudents’formance better.

 But if applications under consideration add additional flow to the workflow, it would probably mean you will require searching for greater software.


Technologies can never replace the perfect role of the teachers. But it can surely help the teachers get more efficient and effective. When you go over plagiarism checker software, make sure you compare user-friendliness functionality, efficiency, speed and pricing, product update of every option. It will help make a proper decision regarding which plagiarism tool will perfectly fit the resources and needs of your institution.

If you want to improve the efficiency of the work of teachers, you must choose software that is equipped with a clean interface and must be easy to grasp.

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