6 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in Portugal With Your Family

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Speaking of celebrating Christmas in Portugal, we assure you that it will be the best time of your life. You will live here a lot and the whole country will get drenched in a festive mood. Every corner of the country lights up and the beauty of the city is doubled. Many shows are organized together with Santa Claus offering gifts to people in certain places. If you are planning your trip anywhere in December, be sure to meet at the Christmas festival in Portugal. You can check out places to celebrate the new year in India.

Now let’s take a look at some of Portugal’s amazing destinations that are quite famous for their Christmas celebrations. You should definitely go to these places if you are wondering where to spend Christmas in Portugal. Also, it will be a wise move to keep the weather in Portugal under control at Christmas, as December is the coldest month in Portugal.

List of Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in Portugal

1. Madeira

It will be nice to spend your time in this place. You can easily stay a few days here. The wildflowers, the spectacular coastal paths create a wonderful backdrop. You can also spend a wonderful time relaxing in front of the sea. Machico is a small fishing village which is nearby and the village has a historical significance which will be another good reason to spend your days here exploring this place. There was a shopping mall in this village which was very famous for exporting sugar.

2. Porto, the Douro Valley, and Lisbon

If you are in Portugal, these cities must be included in your itinerary. So, if you are in this region, you should obviously taste the different flavors. A cruise trip along the Douro Valley with the unique taste is simply fantastic. However, on Christmas Eve, all cruises are beautifully decorated and delicious dishes are served to travelers on board. Other than that, don’t forget to discover the best road in the world N222 which connects Peso da Regua to Pinhao.

3. Campo Pequeno for the Christmas market

It is located in Lisbon and there are many things to do on the market. On the occasion of Christmas, a special market is organized in Campo Pequeno. The whole market area is overloaded with various types of Christmas gifts and things. Different types of pastries adorn the market. If you find yourself in this market full of shops for Christmas and New Year’s parties, please don’t forget to buy the pastries as they taste great. The entire market has a huge range of costume jewelry items, books, and designer clothes.

4. Rossio Square Christmas Market

This market operates all year round, but during the month of December, the market becomes quite special. You will find small wooden huts. There is a Christmas tree which is planted in the center of the market. During the night, the tree is completely covered in beautiful and attractive lights. Indeed, the Christmas holidays in Portugal become quite interesting due to their unique decoration.

5. Obidos

A trip to this place is a must during the Christmas season. It is a small village and it takes just an hour to reach this village from Lisbon. The specialty of this village is that it becomes a native village during this period. There is ice skating, Santa’s House, and ice slides in this village. All of these are mainly created because of Christmas. It can be a pleasant day trip. There is some ancient architecture that you can explore too.

6. Alentejo

If you are looking for your Christmas party to be away from the maddening crowds in Portugal, then Alentejo must be your destination. The place is famous for its untouched rustic life with a serene and peaceful environment. You can spend days looking at the beauty of the surrounding area while indulging in local food. On the eve of Christmas, hotels and resorts offer traditional food and some stalls are set up on the beachside where you can spend the night even in the celebrations.