best paintball guns

Color markers can range from entry-level to professional-quality.

This is where I will help you.

In this review, I’ll tell you about seven of the best paintball guns available. We’ll cover their main features and discuss some of the pros and cons.

Next, we’ll talk about the kind of traits you should look for in a Best Paintball Guns.

By the end of this reading, you’ll know which paintball selector is right for you!

Paintball Gun Name is: Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Marker

Planet Eclipse is probably the hottest name on modern cycle brands, honestly. Their signs are sophisticated, almost always on point, and they look amazing.

Of all the signs on our list, Etha 2 looks, feels, and shoots like a top-notch pistol.

When you consider that this pistol is only a few dollars more expensive than many marker pens with half its features, it makes a solid choice.

 Like any electrical sign, make sure to pair it with a quality bearing and matching paint to get the most out of it.

One of the mistakes many new players make is buying a cheap weapon and then needing (wanting) to upgrade right away. With Etha 2, all you need is a Freak Barrel set and you’ll be good to keep years of playing.

It should be noted that Planet Eclipse tends to have a cult following among speedball players. If this is important to you.


  • Air through a grip
  • Wide grip frame
  • Modern electric sign ready for the tournament

Next Paintball Gun Name is MAddog Empire GS Tournament

The makers of this novice paintball liner are known for creating advanced paintball equipment that meets the needs of advanced players.

You might think it’s surprising, then, to find this gun relatively cheap, but that seems to be the whole idea. MAddog’s empire is described as “a tournament quality mark at an entry-level price.”

In fact, it beats most rifles in its price range.

In this case, not only will you get the gun, but you also get a complete package of shotgun, mask, HPA tank, and hopper, everything you might need to get out there today!

Like an ax, Empire is a pneumatic shooter. It accompanies the Hype Three controller, likewise with all MAddog rifles, and it can start up to 18 balls for each second with average precision.

One drawback of this weapon, however, is that it tends to consume more air than other models. Of course, during any kind of casual game, the 45ci 4,500 psi tank should be fine.


  • Cool design
  • A complete package for about $ 500
  • Well-structured shots
  • Lightweight

Paintball Marker Name is Tippmann A-5

These guns can be found at Walmart, but don’t think that means they are not of high quality. Tippmann A5 is old, but good!

It is a good weapon for beginners or maybe middle players who feel a little out of the economy at the moment.

While a considerable lot of Tippmann signs are boundlessly adaptable, we figure you should begin with a decent establishment.

This is why the A5 compact cyclone loader is a must. It feeds the balls mechanically every time you pull the trigger rather than relying on gravity to pull a ball into the chamber.

What this means to you is a reliable feed marker that will not skip paint or cut half-loaded balls.

Another great thing about this weapon is that despite its low price, it is highly customizable.

If I had to choose the basic woods ball to take to any game any day, it would be the Tippmann A5. Toss a 14 ″ Freak barrel on it to coordinate the paint to the hole and you’ll have an exact, dependable imprint for a considerable length of time of utilization!


  • Great price
  • Flour
  • Very durable
  • Customizable

Paintball Marker Name is Empire Axe

Empire Ax is a photoelectric paintball gun with multiple firing modes: semi, PSP scale, NXL and Millennium climb.

Well-rounded pistol, it’s extremely accurate and well-regulated in terms of pressure per shot.

Thanks to several pieces of anti-chip technology, you are less likely to cut the paint in the marker pen. Electronic eyes help prevent chipping and the smooth threaded face helps release brittle paint.

This weapon is light and easy to carry the good news during those long games where stamina becomes a factor.

However, for those with large hands, the Ax Pro has a slightly wider grip frame.

Perhaps the only downfall of the ax is that accessing the screw can be a little more difficult than reaching the Ax Pro. It holds in place with a single screw which isn’t a big deal for Tipman players, but for some players, speed is the key.

Help Yourself Out: Make this weapon last by cleaning it after each utilization.


  • Very reliable
  • Anti-chipping technology

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