There’s are quite several online food delivery apps out day, but the food delivery apps with a high number of requests for comparison are no other than GrubHub and DoorDash in the US. In this article, we will compare GrubHub vs DoorDash using the most sought services consumers need and how well these food delivery companies meet them.

GrubHub vs DoorDash: Cost of Service

GrubHub vs DoorDash 

For most people, this is usually the most important factor considered when doing a comparison for the same service offered by different companies. This is because we always want to get the best service at the cheapest rate possible.

The cost of service for GrubHub and DoorDash are quite similar, these food delivery companies are doing everything possible to get the greatest number of consumers to subscribe to their service.

GrubHub is one of the biggest food delivery companies in the US, they have a monthly subscription service called GrubHub plus that costs $9.99. This service will get you free delivery for every online food delivery order you place through their website or mobile app. The minimum you must spend to qualify for free delivery is $12 per order.

DoorDash on the other hand is also a great contender with GrubHub, DoorDash also has a monthly subscription service called DashPass. With a DashPass subscription, you’ll qualify for free delivery on every order above $12 that is placed through their website or mobile app. There are some areas in the United States where you only need to pay $10 for a monthly subscription

Therefore, when comparing GrubHub vs DoorDash cost of service, it is safe to say that they pretty much cost the same thing. 

GrubHub vs DoorDash: Availability

GrubHub vs DoorDash

When comparing GrubHub and DoorDash in terms of how widespread their services are across the US and other neighbouring countries, GrubHub takes the lead.

GrubHub currently boasts of having a form of partnership with almost 200,000 restaurants in the United States, they also offer delivery in almost 2000 cities across the US. GrubHub services are also available in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada. This high availability makes GrubHub a better option to consider especially if you don’t live in very big cities in the United States.

DoorDash doesn’t have as much coverage as GrubHub, they currently have their online delivery services available in the United States and Canada. They are also not as widespread as GrubHub, but they do really well in big cities.

GrubHub vs DoorDash: Mobile App Usability

We all love the ease of being able to place online orders very easily using a mobile phone. 

The GrubHub mobile app is available on Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. The app is easy to use and navigate, it has a good user interface which is a great feature that’s necessary to keep consumers happy. You can mark find access to available discounts on the app, you can choose to get notifications on your order on the app, you can also mark your favourite restaurants and foods for easy booking.

The DoorDash app has pretty much the same features as GrubHub’s. Although, the look and feel of the DoorDash app is a lot better than GrubHub’s. With the DoorDash app, you can set contactless delivery options and schedule specific order delivery times.

I would say there is a very tough competition between these two online food delivery companies as they are constantly trying to outdo each other. What’s your favourite food delivery company? Please leave a comment below to let us know.

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