Best On-Demand Service App For Android And iOS Platform


In this era where almost everyone owns a smartphone, mobile apps are gaining huge popularity and usage. Smartphones and mobile applications have soothed the lives and the hassles of booking services of a carpenter, plumber, car washers, beautician, babysitter, or even a masseuse. That’s right! On-demand service app enables users to directly book the service provider they need and pay them in just a few clicks only! A complete 24/7 access to the services also means that you, the entrepreneur, get to earn around the clock! 

The entrepreneur not only gets to do business with one platform but both – iOS and Android.  


The apps for both platforms are equally robust and advanced. Therefore, users of any platform can happily use your app, book a service, and help you rake in handsome profits! 

Let’s see why this app is called ‘robust’! 

iOS Apps are made with popular and solidly powerful technologies that are, Objective-C and Swift. It’s the same case with the Android apps. These are coded and upgraded using Java, NDK, and Kotlin.  

But, what makes this app best than the rest? According to the entrepreneurs who have already explored this idea, it is spotlessly built and has integrated features. These features are exactly what makes an On-demand service app like the SuperX SP a true market ruler! 

1. Homescreen advertisement banners 

Here, on the home screen, the app owners can display advertisements, promotional content, or any information that needs to catch the attention of the users. 

For example, you have an ongoing discount on disinfection services. So, on the banner you can write: 

“FLAT 50% OFF on disinfection services. Get your home, car, and office disinfected at a discounted charge.” 

2. Panic button for times when you feel threatened

To take 100% care of the safety of the user and the provider into hands, the app has an emergency button situated on the screen. If the person clicks on the icon, an immediate SMS is sent to 5 emergency contacts, the police, and the admin panel with the real-time location. 

3. Booking history 

The Uber for services app enables the user and even the service provider to view their past and upcoming jobs. The users can see the past jobs along with the invoice details. Also, they can see the current status of upcoming jobs, say, whether the provider has accepted or declined the provider. Whereas, the service provider can manage their pending jobs and even the past and upcoming ones. 

The job history is arranged according to the date with a glance at total earnings, total services, and average rating in one place.  

Another feature that is specifically for iOS and Android users is – the smart login feature of SuperX SP – the on-demand service app.

  • iOS

iOS iPhone and iPad empower the users by supporting them with the function of Face ID. The iOS app users can now login into the app using their Face ID. This simply means that it’s time to say goodbye to all the hassles of remembering usernames and passwords. 

  • Android

Apart from iOS, even Android users can also enjoy a trouble-free login through fingerprint scanning. To activate this setting, Android phone users have to go to the App’s account setting and turn on the Touch ID option. 


Launch your own On-demand service app for Android and iOS platforms. Your presence on both platforms makes it easier for users to find you and install the app. Bring your childhood dream of becoming a millionaire come to reality with the on-demand app!