Best Neurosurgeons in Hyderabad


Introduction to Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a claim to fame that fundamentally manages the sensory system. It is essentially restricted to the medical procedure of the cerebrum, sensory system or the related body parts.

One noteworthy piece of neurological therapeutic technique is the activity neurosurgeons play in supporting made by various specialists. For example, orthopedic experts much of the time perform frameworks on the spine to treat inborn contortions, terrible injuries, threatening developments or various conditions. If the strategy incorporates the central tangible framework, or if there’s potential for nerve hurt, a neurosurgeon may cooperate with the orthopedic master during the masterminding stages or the method itself. Vascular experts and intervention radiologists may in like manner rely upon the assistance of neurosurgeons when performing frameworks with neurological consequences. The neurosurgeon’s particular capacity can much of the time empower various specialists to restrain or keep up a vital separation from nerve hurt during their frameworks.

Neurosurgeons in India contribute their strength in a few projects with a societal effect. Recording a Public Interest Litigation, the creator showed up before a division seat of the Madras High Court for court intercession to execute a law making protective caps obligatory for bike clients. Following the creator’s endeavors in making attention to cerebrum passing in the neurosurgical network and in this manner encouraging the first multi organ transplantation in India in 1995, dead body transplants have consistently expanded as the aftereffect of the proactive estimates taken by neurosurgeons in the accreditation of mind passing. Mindfulness projects have been composed for police and rescue vehicle drivers.

Further, the recent developments in the field of neurology are as following

  • The team comprising of the neurosurgeons have improved to a great extent and administration of complex neurological maladies
  • Further, it has been noticed that there has been a development in the Frameless stereotaxy and also, the security in cranial neurosurgery has seen massive development
  • A new kind of the technology by the name of Interventional attractive reverberation imaging may empower constant imaging during neurosurgery
  • The spinal medical procedure is set to turn into a different order fusing orthopedic strategies with advances in spinal neurosurgery
  • Neuroendoscopy has turned out to be the standard strategy in certain types of hydrocephalus and may have applications in the pituitary medical procedure
  • A procedure by the term of Subthalamic incitement may improve strategies for making injuries in the control of development issue

The brain is one of the most vital organs of the body requires a lot of care and attention. When there is some injury in the brain, the first thing that you should do is visit a neurosurgeon. If you have any trouble pertaining to the brain or if there’s any kind of disorder and you have lost all the hope over the medical science then there is a little hope that remains and that is only vested with the Neurosurgeons. They are angels without wings. Hence, do not hesitate to share anything related to the brain with them.

Top Neurosurgeons of Hyderabad

Some of the top neurosurgeons in Hyderabad are as following

Dr. B. S V Raju–  He is one of the most renowned neurosurgeons of Hyderabad. With an experience of over  20 years. He is amongst the few Neurosurgeons with both orthopedic and neurological training. This amazing personality has been an expert in other surgeries and also well versed in a vast number of practices.

Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy K– He is one of the most renowned neurosurgeons of the country. He is quite young but he is popular for one of the best doctors for neurology. He is well aware of the changes that exist in the field of neurology. This doctor is famous for the present generation. If you ever have any issue regarding the brain or brain disorder, do not forget about this neurologist.

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