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Dragon Ball Z has always been our favorite manga series, no matter who tries to change our mind. It is the full package of action, romance, drama, thrill, some wholesome moments, friendship, and the significance of having a family. From Goku to Vegeta, and even Bulma, there are so many inspirations to grasp from the series. Not just that, the costumes of every character depict their personalities so well. The orange Dragon Ball Z Jacket of Goku and the purple jacket of Trunks, every one of them looks like the work of a genius!

Moreover, every moment has something to learn from, and if you are a true Dragon Ball Z fan, you know what we are talking about. Let’s have a look at the top 5 best encounters of Goku and Vegeta and go down our memory lane! 

Vegeta Encountering Goku for The First Time:

Vegeta has always been a cocky person who takes pride in his powers. He is the Prince of Saiyans who loves blood-battles and doesn’t spare a chance to encounter Goku. It all started with the destruction of Planet Vegeta or maybe the idea that there is a lower class Saiyan present on Planet Earth. Although the destruction of Planet Vegeta didn’t affect Vegeta as a person, he encountered Goku for the very first time and remained the same Vegeta — a resentful loser!

He was having fun initially during the battle, and he was considering Goku as a lame Saiyan whom he could defeat easily. But when Goku began to pressure Kaioken, that was the moment when Vegeta realized who he was fighting with. Despite trying his best, he could not swallow the fact that he could ever be defeated by a lower-class Saiyan. 

He was completely helpless in front of Goku’s powers but somehow managed to pass through the beam. In the second half of the battle, Vegeta tried to break Goku down, but yeah, he came close, though. 

Vegeta Vs. Goku Black:

The third best moment was the fight between Goku Black and Vegeta in episode 63 of Dragon Ball Super. There was such an intense fight between the two giants of the Saiyan race. Goku was transformed into the most powerful version of himself. Earlier, when Vegeta came back to the future and encountered Goku, he got defeated by Goku badly and even got stabbed in the chest. 

But at this moment, Vegeta has struck back being as powerful as he was never before, all because of the mass training. He showed Goku that he might be a powerful Saiyan but can never be the prince like he is. He even grabbed Goku’s black hair showing that he could do everything with his dominant badass side. 

This scene will always be remarkable in the whole life of Vegeta. He showed his full potential after all the hard work. He just buried Goku Black in the ground, and honestly, we all loved it!

Vegeta Rejoining Goku:

In the Boo Arc, Vegeta reunited with Goku, and it was a moment filled with lots of joy and happiness. But the joy was interrupted by Bobbidi, Majin Boo, and Kaioshin. But the most significant aspect was the struggles of Vegeta in fighting with the things happening in his life. He could not accept the progression of his life and the fact that Goku is still way more powerful than him, despite being dead. To mess around with Goku, he let his insecurities take the best of him. 

He gave the charge to Bobbidi to control him, although he stayed resistant against mind control. He indulged in some violent acts and even murdered innocent people to take a shot at Goku. He was not at his best at the moment, and honestly, you can’t blame him.

Vegeta’s Final Words With Goku:

Nothing seemed to change Vegeta even after the sportsmanship shown by Goku towards him of sparing his life when the Saiyan Saga ended. Just after landing on the Planet Namek, he, without even thinking for a minute, killed everything that came in his way. But a new Vegeta appeared on the screens when he failed in defeating Frieza miserably. Out of all the misery, we saw the version of Vegeta, which was unexpected to us but not to Goku. He always knew this Vegeta all along. 

As Vegeta was taking his last breaths, he revealed that whatever he is and has become is all due to the rules imposed on him by Frieza all his life. The Saiyan race creates warriors only, and that’s what Frieza believed in strongly. He didn’t even give Vegeta an opportunity to be whoever he wants to be.

As his last wish, he asked Goku to kill Frieza with his own hands as Goku will be the only surviving Saiyan after him. This last speech showed the human version of Vegeta for the very first time. He chose Goku to open up and even begged him to take vengeance from the race meant to be ruling.

Vegeta Admitting Goku Is Number One:

This moment is from the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. It is considered as the scene that turned Vegeta’s life upside down. Admitting that someone, especially his arch-enemy Goku, is better than him was a thing unknown to him. But he did it, anyway! He admitted how Goku fights for not just winning or to prove that he is better than his opponents, instead he fights for the people he has to protect. 

Moreover, he fights to push himself beyond his limits more and more while suited up in his incredible Dragon Ball Z Jacket, and that’s the main reason he has never killed any of his opponents. And that’s why he didn’t kill Vegeta even when he had the chance to do so. Vegeta stopped seeing Goku as a rival but instead started to consider him a friend. He admitted that he is the second toughest Saiyan after Goku. 

Not just that, he even called Goku a kind-hearted battle-loving Saiyan, which is a surprise seeing these words coming from Vegeta. He then termed him ‘The Number One,’ showing how maturely he has developed as a character.

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