Best mental health clinic for children with autism

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If you follow international news regularly for the past few years, you’d be aware of the mental health issues raised by foreign countries and how their governments are dealing with them. It has also been a long debate in our country for the past few years. By this time people have started to understand the importance of mental health but this awareness is still limited to urban areas.

There are many mental illnesses that people are not aware of or they think are untreatable and have no cure. Like depression, anxiety, autism, and ADHD, people did not know that these are mental health issues and can be treated. But as the education rate increased among people they got to know information about mental illnesses. Now we see that every hospital has a psychologist for treating patients with mental health issues and there are mental health clinics in major cities in our country.

Multan is one of the major cities in South Punjab. It has a big population and the majority of the population is well educated. There are a lot of big schools, colleges, and universities in this city which is why they know the importance of mental health. Let’s discuss a mental health clinic in Multan which treats mental health issues in children, especially autistic children.


Autism is a disorder in children which affects their ability to communicate, learn and behave. This issue has been raised in international news years ago and then our country started to take action. Children with autism have slow development and this issue can appear in the first two years after birth because of delayed speech and behavioral issues.

Autistic children avoid eye contact and talking to people, they also get upset by the minor changes in their surroundings. These children need extra care from their parents and teachers.  Autism has no prevention or cure, it is a lifetime disorder. But therapy can help children improve their emotional skills and take control of their behavior.

Spring Clinic

Spring Clinic is a mental health clinic that deals with every kind of mental illness. They have expertise in treating children with mental health issues. There are several kinds of mental illnesses among children, autism is one of those. As mentioned above, autism has no cure; it is a lifelong disorder. But therapists at the Spring Clinic can help children with behavioral therapy.

Applied behavioral analysis is used to help children with Autism. It is an interpersonal style of therapy. The therapist talks to the child and makes them comfortable with them and with their surroundings. The therapy helps children with communicating and learning new skills. A therapist makes children comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. These are some kinds of therapies psychologists perform to treat autistic children:

Play therapy

Play therapy is a kind of behavioral therapy. You can read articles in international news regarding how helpful this therapy is. In this therapy, a therapist plays with the child on the floor with different toys and tools. They play in the same way the child is playing to make him comfortable, and then slowly add some new things into the game. It can be some new rule, a new word, or a new toy. Through this, a child learns something new. It can be a new skill or a new word.  

Integrated Play Groups

Spring Clinic is the only mental health clinic in which performs every kind of behavioral therapy for children with Autism. This is the next level of play therapy, when a child becomes comfortable with playing with a therapist, they make integrated groups of children and encourage them to play together. The rules and the tone of the game are of the therapist and then they give liberty to children to play.

This activity helps them improve their social and communication skills. They make new friends and start to talk to other children. Children can meet each other and play together once or twice a week for like two to three hours. By the time children start to wait for the playtime when they can meet their friends.  

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is very helpful for the skill development of autistic children. This therapy includes parents and teachers of children along with the therapist. In this therapy, a child learns very basic daily life skills, like how to button a shirt how to eat in a nice proper way, and how to hold a spoon or fork while eating. The child learns these basic life skills with the help of their parents and teachers. For this therapy, parents have to be involved in this whole process. They get guidance from a therapist and apply those practices to the child.

These are the services that make Spring Clinic the best mental health clinic for children with autism.