Which is the best LLP Registration Consultant?

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership is a legal structure that combines the features of private limited and partnership. LLP gives a better-structured business vehicle as compared to sole proprietorship or partnership. LLP enjoys limited liability along with flexible control on business operations.

The major reason that start-ups prefer LLP over any other form of entity is that it has advantages of both Company and Partnership. Professionally managed firms in India provide services related to LLP registration and its compliances within no time. Professional assist in knowing registration cost, documents required and completed the hassle-free procedure for LLP registration in India.

Service Provided by India’s top LLP Consultant

Services provided by consultant related to LLP registration and other such services as follows:

  • Ideas for starting medium-sized and large-scale businesses.
  • Give registration certificate online such as Private Company, Public Company, OPC and other legal structure with minimum cost involved.
  • Hassle-free registration assistance such as document formation, necessary guidance, and advisory services related to LLP in just minimum days.
  • Filing of on-time monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual compliances in the form of return filing.
  • Provision of additional services such as maintenance of books of accounts, preparation of the financial statement, maintaining vouchers on behalf of clients.

LLP Registration Procedure

Steps to form LLP in India are:

  • Reserve up to two names by applying online through web service of MCA “RUN-LLP.”
  • Once the ROC approves any of the names, the applicant shall proceed with LLP Incorporation
  • Prepare all the documents and necessary forms for applying online. File the form FiLLiP on MCA containing the complete details of the applicant and attach all the documents as an attachment to the form
  • Pay the stamp duty and ROC fees online
  • Once the form is submitted, ROC shall verify the form, and once the application is correct and approved, Registrar shall issue Certificate of Incorporation
  • The applicant shall file Form-3 for filing LLP Agreement which governs the rights and responsibility of the designated partner

Documents required for LLP Registration

  • Passport photograph of the designated partner
  • PAN and Aadhar of designated partners
  • Copy of electricity bill
  • Rent agreement and NOC from the landlord
  • Address proof of designated partners

Benefits of LLP Registration

LLP registration has a blend of advantages in India, such as:

  • It is easy to start LLP with minimum fund requirement and least compliances
  • Unlike public companies, there is no minimum capital contribution required
  • LLP must have a minimum of 2 partners provided there is no restriction on maximum partners
  • Cost of LLP registration, as well as its compliances, are very less
  • LLP don’t require its books or accounts to be audited
  • There is no need to pay tax on the income of LLP and share of its partner

Winding up the Article

Compliance Manager provides complete assistance regarding necessary documents and steps required to register LLP online. Once the client provides complete details as per the checklist, the consultancy team shall proceed to file online for LLP registration. The best LLP registration consultant for you would be Swarit Advisors, we hold expertise in easing the process of registration and render other services related to it. So contact us today, without any further delay.

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