Top 3 best laptops for Gamers


The gaming industry is consecutively growing overwhelmingly over the past five years. And the industry has reached the $100Billion club. And the demand for games and gaming systems has also increased. And if you are a gamer and wondering to buy a laptop. And don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding the best laptops for gamers. So, here we are! below we have shown the top 3 best laptops for gamers.

Getting the right tool for the right job is very essential. And so is with the laptop. And having no information about the right options can result in the wastage of money.

But no worries! after researching, keeping in mind, the specifications and features of the laptop, price, and the buyer’s reviews. We have listed the best 3 laptops for gamers.

So, without going round around, let’s get straight on to the point!

Top 3 best laptops for gamers:

Razer Blade 15:

The first on the list is the new Razer blade 15. This laptop comes with the display of 15 inches Full HD 4k OLED display. The display technology used in the laptop effectively counters the effects of eye strain. And allows users to be on screen for more time.

Moreover, the CPU used is an intel core i7 10th Gen Hexa core processor, along with the graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti. Additionally, the laptop has 16GB of DDR4 RAM. And for storage, you get 256GB of SSD. Moreover, you get additional slots for RAM as well as for SSD or HDD.

In terms of the motherboard, the laptop has the entire features, a gamer can imagine in a dream. and these specifications are more than enough for any sort of high-end gaming experience.

What I like the most about this laptop, is its weight and body shape. The laptop weighs 4lbs with a black, stylish slim body. However, you miss this in many power systems.

New Apple MacBook Pro 13:

The second in the row here comes the new Apple MacBook Pro with the 13.5 inches IPS LED-backlit retina display. The display technology used in the laptops is one of the most advanced, to help eyes relieve from eyes issues in the dark time.

Moreover, the system includes the Quad-Core intel core i5 10th Gen processor. which is more than enough for games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Moreover, the GPU used is intel iris plus, which is the best graphics card for Minecraft, and similar games. However, this laptop smoothly handles high ends games like COD and CSGO too.

besides, you get 8GB of DDR4 RAM along with an SSD card of 512GB. However, both RAM and SSD are upgradable.

This laptop comes with quite lightweight, and a slim body, with a net weight of 3.1lbs. Moreover, the laptop is quite stylish and is much more classy than any other brand laptop. Except for this, the laptop also has excellent battery backup timing with almost 6 hours of standby time.

 Hp Envy 17:

Last but not the least, Here is the HP envy 17 laptop, with a stunning look. The laptops come with quite slim bodies with a net weight of 6lbs. The laptop could be a bit heavier due to the full metal body. But in class and style, this can defy any other gaming laptops.

besides, the system comes with a 17.3 FHD big touch display. Moreover, the screen is detachable too. And can work as a tablet and laptop. And this is the most effective plus point of this laptop.

In terms of specifications, this system comes with the intel core i7 10th Gen quad-core processor. The GPU used in the laptop is NVIDIA MX250(4GB). Which is the best choice for high-end games.

Moreover, you get 16GB of RAM for hassle-free multitasking, with 512GB of SSD card for storage. The combination of these two features makes it as fast as light.

One thing, I would like to add, that the system is a bit heavier than typical laptops. because the entire body has been built with metal. And also with the big body and screen, it could become a bit inconvenient. Except for this, there is not any alleged drawback in the laptop.


Though we presented only the top 3 best laptops for gamers. But still, it is quite difficult to decide, the final product to buy. Anyways, if you a lover of Apple machines, You should consider the second in the list. However, if you don’t, you can buy any of the other two laptops from the list. And also don’t forget to tell us, how did you find these laptops.

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