9 best indoor games for kids at home

best indoor games for kids at home

COVID-19 is hitting every country, and schools are closed for the next few months. Not only schools are closed, but every single thing is closed for the visitors. It is advisable to follow the recommendation that everyone should stay at home and don’t communicate with other people. 

It is unexpected for many people. Long isolation doesn’t only bored parents, but also children. Everyone wants to do fun things while stuck at home. In this scenario, every parent would think that what to play with kids at home. Below mention are some ideas that would help you to minimize boredom. We all need the game’s ideas to play at home with family.

Games to play at home with kids

Hide and seek

Everyone loves this game. But if you are done with it then you can make some basic decorations, play your favorite song and enjoy a dance party with your family.


If you are a dessert lover, then try to bake a new cookie or cakes. If you love clicking photos, then you can film a cooking show!

Playing blocks

Children love toys. If your children love them too, then order some more blocks for him. Counting game with carton is also recommended for the children.  They can also play board games.


If your children love camping, then he can do it easily in the living room. You just need to design an indoor hunt for him.

Food lover

For food lover children, the ice cream recipe is best for him. While enjoying ice-cream, you can set up a pampering session for her. You can trim his nails while Dress up him in the best clothes.


To get rid of boredom you can make a fancy dinner for your children.

You can teach him the technique of making friendship bracelets.

If you have pets in your home, then teach your children’s new pet training tricks.


You can arrange an indoor picnic for your children also and play their favorite podcasts.

Gym lover

If your children love to stay in shape, you can start yoga with him.

Bingo game

Children love the bingo game. The best thing about them is that they can create their own bingo cards.  

To conclude, the creation of a Christmas tree for different occasions, movie night, playing card game. Juggle teaching, paper folding Practice, magnets drama, playing paints with chalk, indoor volleyball, pizza party are some more indoor games for kids at home.

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