The best hotels in Jacksonville


If you’re planning a trip to Jacksonville, you’re probably looking for some suggestions on where to stay. 

The Fairfield Inn & Suites 

At The Fairfield near Holiday Inn Express Jacksonville, you can soak up the merchants’ tastes and lifestyles while staying at the Aloft hotel. Step off the beaten path and veer off into New Orleans Square, for an enchanting panoramic view of the city’s nightlife and cobblestone streets below. You can also get a great workout at our champion hotel with more than 15 miles of sparkling (and free!) walking trails. Compliment one of our concierge service experts and you’ll earn 16 points.

Serenata Pointe Hotel & Spa

The Serenata Pointe Spa is unlike any other hotel in Palm Coast. Ahead of the Palm Coast pace, don’t miss the 3,500-square-foot health and wellness center featuring six pools, 17 therapeutic environments and over 100,000 square feet of fitness space. Bonus: you’ll be sip-tweeting in style as your stylist works from her private glass island facing the ocean.

JackPetch Hotel & Suites

While you’re staying at the Jack’s private seven-level resort, be sure to visit our luxurious 7-star Gold Level, where you’ll enjoy a full-service spa and salon.

Our top recommendations

  • At the top of our list is the La Roche-Posay Anthelion Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face. It’s a lightweight formula that works as a daily sunscreen as well as a makeup primer, and it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. This is one of the lightest sunscreens on our list, weighing in at less than half a gram. Layer in an anti-aging moisturizer like Biore Vitamin Coultion Oil Deep Cream over this along with a UV Protection Lotion or oil to seal in all its radiance.
  • May Goddess Resist Face UV Protective Lotion SPF 35–Protection is available at Sephora for $54.99. This gentle formula is designed to be used as a daily moisturizer as well as a base for any kind of makeup look. While it’s not as thick as some other formulations on this list, it still provides a foundation of protection and certain hydration for the skin.
  • Hanyang Face Oil Retinol Cream is available at Kasum Contemporary for $41 for 0.22 oz. This lightweight serum provides advance retinol benefits and is often used as a substitute to Retin-A. Depending on the formulation, this can sometimes be used as a serum as well.
  • L’Oréal Paris UV Defense Anti-Inj (UVA/UVB) Daily Protective Complex SPF 50+ PA+++ is now available from L’Oréal’s Private Collection for $34.99 for 0.16 oz. This natural sunscreen complex uses UV defenses found in plants to help keep skin looking younger longer. This one is the lightest on our list at just 0.03 oz.
  • It’s Skin FP Mist UV Defense SPF 50+ PA+++ is $34.99 at and Sephora. This mist boasts visible sun protection with an ultra-fine mist that’s ideal for eliminating existing sun spots. Plus, it’s vegetal based which means it won’t clog pores.

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What to expect when staying at a luxury hotel

When you stay at a luxury hotel, you want to have an amazing experience from the very moment you walk into the hotel until the moment you leave. At a luxury hotel, there is a lot that the staff will do to ensure that your experience is a good one.


They will ensure that your room is clean, your sheets are freshly laundered, and your breakfast has been freshly prepared. They will even help you if you’re having a problem or if you need any assistance getting around the city of Jacksonville. Although they might not do a bunch of the things a regular hotel might, the little things they will do make your stay at the Westin a great vacation.

The PA Bank 

The PA Bank is a locally owned bank that owns a local convenience store. In addition to being the trusted bank you’ve come to know and love, the Westin incorporates many of its amenities, and some of the features created specifically for guests, into the PA account. Not only do you get access to personal checks, but you also have access to banking online, at mobile banking locations, or via the web, enabling you to do real estate investing without the hassle and costs of traditional banking.

The View 

The Westin offers an incredible hotel setting with almost 30,000 feet of sea-facing, indoor breakfast, and outdoor lounging areas, as well as a total of 10 restaurants and bars on 5 floors just like in Hampton Inn Jacksonville. They house the world’s only observation deck which is the highest observation deck in the entire world, and customers can book to view the sunrises and sunsets from 158 different windows.

The SEC 

The SEC stands for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Because the Westin is located in the heart of the City of Jacksonville, they take very seriously the responsibility of regulating and overseeing the investment markets in Jacksonville. The SEC does it in a few ways.

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