Which Horn is Best for Bullet?

bullet horns

The bullet motorbike is an emotion for many of us.

This is the reason why a lot of people find it therapeutic to adore their Bullet with the best bike accessories.

One of the essential bike accessories is a bike horn.

Here is a guide to help you choose the best horn for your beloved Bullet.

How to Choose the Best Horn for Bullet?

Can you imagine a day when you are struggling to make a way through a super dense traffic on the road and just then your bike horn stops working.

You are left helpless only at the mercy of the other drivers ahead of you to make a way for you.

And now you realise the importance of a good quality, reliable horn that lasts long enough.

Hence you should choose your bike horn carefully considering these following factors:

Horn Volume

The very first thing to consider is the loudness of the horn.

You can check the decibel volume of the horn or refer to any unboxing video to check its volume.

Quality of the Sound

Apart from the loudness of the horn, its sound quality also matters. 

The sound of the hall should not be unpleasant and startling.

State Regulations

All States have certain regulations for the decibel limit of vehicle horns.

Violating these regulations can make you liable for a hefty fine.

Hence do check your state regulations if you are looking for a super loud horn.

All-Season Performance

Some bike horns stop working during rains.

Go to the reviews for the product specifications to check if the horns you are choosing are weatherproof.

Long Service Time

You certainly don’t want to spend time and money every six months purchasing a new horn set.

Therefore check the reviews to see if the chosen product is durable enough.

Aesthetic of the Horn

You should definitely look for a Bullet horn that compliments elegance and sportiness of your precious bullet.

Installation Process

If you are planning to install the horn by yourself at home then you must consider if the horns installation process is simple.

Fortunately most modern horns are quite easy to install without any special skills or tools.

Top Brands for Bullet Horns in India

Luckily the Indian Automotive market offers a satisfying number of reliable bike accessories brands. 

These are the top 5 brands that you can trust for their quality of Bullet horns:


The roots Industries India Limited has originated in India. 

The brand offers a range of top notch international quality horns for all types of automobiles.


Bosch enjoys 100% recognition when it comes to premium quality auto products. 

Bosch’s product portfolio is supervised including horns, engine oil, engine oil filter, wiper blades, head lights, etc.

UNO Minda

UNO Minda is another automobile brand that provides a range of reliable quality car and bike horns at a budget-friendly price for the Indian customers.


Other than its stylish waterproof horns for automobiles, Geomex is also a worldwide manufacturer of premium car accessories like car wipers, car charger cable, car fan, etc.


Super is a well renowned automobile brand with a wide range of good quality affordable products. 

It offers reverse horn, electric horn, horn relay, cabin light, brake flashlight, fog light, roof light, smartphone charger, etc.


So here was the guide for picking the best horn for Bullet in India.

A bike horn is a super functional car exterior accessory as you can barely complete a ride on the Indian roads without using it. Furthermore, it amplifies the outlook of your vehicle if it’s stylish enough.

And now, if you are searching the web for some cool car and bike accessories that fit your budget and also stand the quality claims, then you want to check this website, Carorbis.com.

Carorbis is an automobile startup that offers a wide collection of best-selling products from trusted auto brands.

Their collection of car horn and bike horn is especially exquisite as the products are not only super long-lasting and reliable, but they totally suit the Indian budget bracket.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog through to the very end. Have a great day ahead!

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