Some of the best havells air cooler to bring home this summer

Havells air cooler

Enjoy the bliss of BreatheEzee technology with the premium quality Havells air cooler. You can cool your room this summer, with this Havells air cooler.  Looking for an effective way to keep your home cool? The air coolers could be the best option for you. Different types of air coolers are available in the market. You should choose between them depending upon your need.

The room coolers are a perfect fit for the bedroom, while the duct air coolers are used for central air cooling and the desert air coolers or jumbo air coolers can efficiently make any larger halls and offices cool. Apart from that, you should take some things into consideration which is the right side of the room, cooling pads, body material, humidity controller etc.

Havells has brought a unique range of Havells air cooler integrated with BreatheEzee technology. The breathe size technology features dust filters on its three sides that product dusts from entering into the cooler. The honeycomb cooling pad comes with hydrophilic properties that eliminate dust particles and keep the air clean. The compact design and efficient cooling system add further reason to buy it for summer.

If you are looking for affordable air cooler with excellent features, safety, and portability, then go for the Havells air cooler. You can get different options from Havells air cooler such as desert cooler, personal cooler, tower cooler, and window coolers.

So, let’s see what are those top Havells sir cooler that you can buy.

Kool Grande Desert havells air cooler

This air cooler comes with a large tank capacity of 85 litres which will be ideal for any large space. The 3200 m3 /h air delivery is perfect for use in any hall sized room. The optimum Breathe Ezee technology is equipped in this air cooler to deliver more clean, healthy and breathable air. The BreatheEzee technology is first used in India in Havells air cooler. Apart from that, the honeycomb cooling pad keeps the dust particles away from the cooler. The honeycomb cooling pad requires low maintenance but results in London longevity.

Using the remote control, you can operate the cooler from any side of your home. Other features like 3 side washable dust filter nets, water tank cover and auto drain have made it unique from the other coolers available in the market. So, you can choose this cooler if you are planning to buy an air cooler for any large space.

Havells Celia Desert air cooler

The first thing to notice in this air cooler is its unique fan design that generates low noise in the room. Now cut out the biggest headache of having an air cooler w55-litre55 litre large tank. That means you don’t have to repeatedly fill the water tank. For more convenience, simply connect it to your water supply for automatic water louvres on the front are attractive for the men but not for the mosquitoes as these are completely collapsible. Nothing you say more about its honeycomb cooling pad of course.

This is an ideal air cooler for any medium to a small room. This air cooler fights against thermal overload. However, this is one of the budget-friendly options for you if you want to stay cool during the summer outbreak.

Havells Fresco Personal air cooler 24 litres

Havells has brought India’s first innovative range of air coolers and Havells Fresco is amongst them. This air cooler price is also in your budget. The air cooler features an auto drainage system to drain the old and dirty water. Using the remote control, you can enjoy an effortless operation with this sir cooler. It also works as a dust control with its first filter nets.

The dust filter nets separate the dust from the air and thus it keeps the room clean always. The grill is collapsible that prevents the insects from entering inside. The temperature display indicates the running temperature of your room. The water tank cover prevents mosquito breeding at the bottom part of the cooler. Most probably this is the right fit sir cooler for your need and within your budget. 

Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Most probably the personal air coolers are the best choice amid-sized sized mid-space cooling. In that case, go for Havells Tuono Personal air cooler that provides dust-free, cool, clean and fresh air. The prominent brand of India, Havells India, offers product that are the best in technology and design. The Tuono personal air cooler is not an exception.

The dust filter and honeycomb cooling of Havells air cooler efficiently eliminate the air particles like pollen, dead skin, dust mite from the room and keeps you healthy and safe all the time.

The Tuono air cooler is designed to only impress you. The large space wings add further compliments to its overall look. If you want to enjoy your TV show in a super cooling environment or want to enjoy a sound sleep, then simply put some ice on its different ice compartment. So, nothing can be better than that personal air cooler during this hot summer.

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