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Graduation is a time of celebration and festivities, though it may look different or the many college and high school seniors who are graduating in the year 2021. It is so important to consider their graduation needs and to find ways to still make the time of year special for them in the middle of a pandemic. It is so important to congratulate them on the time of year and their graduation and to prepare them for what is next. That is why some of the best graduation gifts for seniors this year can be found in the information below.

1. Computers

Whether your senior is graduating high school or college, a new computer can change their worlds. The Macbook and other PC’s are some of the best that are on the market today. Laptops now even come with software to help college students and professionals in completing the day-to-day tasks that are necessary for them to complete.

2. Smartwatch

There are many options available for smartwatches now, including popular ones made by Apple and Samsung. A watch is a traditional gift for a graduate, but a smartwatch can make them even more excited. These can provide them the world right at their fingertips, which is so necessary in today’s world.

3. Camera

If your senior is artsy, is entering a major that has to do with art, or is entering a professional career in art, consider gifting a camera. This can give the graduate a hobby and can help them possibly build a career.

4. Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones are some of the best gift options for any occasion, including graduation. A set for your recent graduate can become something that can help them in their adult life. They have ease of music when working out, commuting, or even completing home tasks.

5. Books and Subscriptions

Your senior is going out on their own for the first time, whether that be to college or a professional career. It is so important to help them get adjusted to their new lives, which can come in the form of a great self-help book or a subscription to e-book services if they want to choose their own.

6. Wallets

When you became an adult, you may remember the multitude of new things that needed to go in your wallet. Consider purchasing a new wallet for your graduate to hold their credit cards, insurance cards, and more.

7. iPad and Laptop Accessories 

If your graduate is going to college, chances are they have a laptop or iPad. An easy but helpful gift is accessories for these technologies. It can be as simple as stickers to put on a laptop case to a leather iPad sleeve. Another great gift can be a laptop bag. This is an easy and customizable gift for your graduate. 

8. Jewelry

Jewelry can be such a sentimental gift for graduates. Consider an initial necklace, a birthstone necklace, or even pearls. If your graduate likes more manly jewelry, consider even a new chain to wear to a new ring, such as a new class ring.

9. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are another way to make real-life much easier for your graduate. They can set these speakers up in their dorm or new home, and have the speakers assist in reminders, weather information, and in completing home tasks as long as home appliances are connected.

10. Subscription Boxes

A final gift idea for your seniors is to consider signing them up for a subscription box service. This will give them a nice surprise every month with some of their favorite things. These can include book memorabilia, coffee and coffee accessories, and so many other options.

College and high school graduation are some of the most important times in your graduate’s life. It is important to celebrate those times still, despite the fact that there is a pandemic that has completely changed the world. You can celebrate these times by getting your senior a gift that can help them and that is truly meaningful to them and their career futures. Consider one of the options above for an idea that your graduate is sure to love and is sure to appreciate you after opening it.

By Anurag Rathod

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