Best Google Web Designer Alternatives in 2022

Google Web Designer

If you are considering Google Web Designer, you may also want to investigate similar alternatives or competitors to find the best solution. Other major factors to consider when researching alternatives to Google Web Designer include user interface and features. Here, you can find a list of solutions that are referred to as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Google Web Designer, including Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, and Webflow, and MockPlus. Let’s dig in and find the features of these tools in detail so you can choose the best for your web design project.

Adobe Dreamweaver

The Dreamweaver web design tool allows you to create websites. It can be difficult to learn Dreamweaver if either you are not familiar with web design or HTML. Upon first opening it, even the welcome screen can look intimidating; there are hundreds of different tools

you’d never even think about using, and it all seems a bit overwhelming. Adobe Dreamweaver enables designers to design and develop modern, responsive websites visually. You can create, code, and manage sites that look amazing on all types of screens with the world’s most comprehensive toolset for web designers and front-end developers.

Dreamweaver is primarily used to create HTML and CSS, as well as manage files. This graphic user interface (GUI) enables you to accomplish these three goals intuitively and quickly. It allows you to code, and see what your code is doing.

Adobe Dreamweaver Pros include the following:

  • It can work as a professional tool that better meets developers’ requirements. 
  • It can help Validate code and enables accessibility Checks
  • It also highlights code and offers suggestions.

The cons include the following:

  • It is more expensive than Google Web Designer.
  • It is lower to reach ROI as compared to Google Web Designer.

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse CC is a very popular tool for designing websites and web content that eliminates many technical issues. Even those without coding knowledge and experience can use this tool to create interactive, professional-grade websites. Using Adobe Muse CC, they can first build a master page that designates the elements and components that are required to appear on every page of the website. You can create visually and easily express your web development ideas with complete control.

The Pros of Adobe Muse include the following:

  • it is easier to set up.
  • It offers breakpoints
  • The tool features a responsive Composition Widget and form widget
  • It offers a simple selection.
  • Users can create master pages and add responsive elements.
  • Users can share and publish a website.
  • Web designers can also create a Mobile Layout

 The cons of Adobe Muse CC include the following:

  • It is more expensive than Google Web designer.
  • The tool is slower to reach ROI as compared to Google Web Designer.


Webflow combines a web design tool, content management system, and hosting platform. Webflow offers a visual solution to web design, with a CMS for editors, designers, and developers. This tool allows users to create needed content structures, add content either manually, from a CSV, or via API.

Afterward, the user designs it visually. There are also Webflow service plans that include website hosting services, such as a basic plan for sites without a content management system as well as CMS, Business, and Enterprise plans. Whether your business is new or thriving, Webflow’s ecommerce plans can help.

  • The pros of Webflow include the following: 
  • It is easier to do business using Webflow. 
  • It offers satisfactory support. 
  • The tool offers an easy to use no-code website builder.
  • With Webflow, you are allowed to create an advanced design, functionality without being a professional designer. 
  • Dynamic content and collections are great for scalability.

The cons of Webflow include the following:

  • It is more expensive than Google Web Designer.
  • It severely lacks built-in technical SEO. 
  • You might feel less control since it sometimes does not allow tweaking code.


The MockPlus tool is a rapid, simple, and free tool for prototyping, and it also has a stunning new name to attract designers. A newly launched prototyping software, Mockplus, is being recognized by many designers domestically and abroad.

Mockplus provides a good choice for UI/UX designers to build prototypes/wireframes. If you are not a professional designer or know nothing about coding, you may be afraid that you cannot use Mockplus. You can complete design work by yourself with Mockplus. It is suitable for anyone. Before the final product is completed, you can view the prototype on your phone or export it to HTML for easy sharing with your client or manager.

The pros of Mockplus include the following:

  • It offers multi-channel support. With multiple options of platform support, this tool allows you to create prototypes/wireframes for desktop-based websites, iOS & Android applications.
  • It also offers strong community support. Users can benefit from strong support; no matter you are a paid user or a non-payer.

The Bottom Line

Web design and development is a popularly increasing requirement regardless of the business and industry. Every business needs to get their website for a better brand representation, which results in an increase in the demand for website and mobile app development company services. From New York to Dallas and Canada to Germany, the demand for local and overseas developers has grown to a noticeable extent. These tools can help web developers and designers to build efficient websites quickly and efficiently with the need to reiterate unnecessary tasks.

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