luxury gift hampers

It is no easy pursuit, shopping for gifts can be difficult. Shopping to get gifts for women is a whole other ball game. Picking out the perfect gift for your sister, mother, cousin, friend, co-worker, girlfriend or wife can be anxiety inducing at times. Celebrating a birthday, Christmas or anniversary can be a little scary if you do not have the best gifts in mind. You no longer have to dread the upcoming seasonal or birthday celebrations. I have outlined the 5 best gifts you can give women below:

1.      Electronics

If the girl you plan to get a gift for is an Apple fan and consumer, the Elago three in one charging hub for apple products is one of the best gifts you could give her. Moreover, if she loves to set goals, the Apple iPad 8th generation will surely help her reach those goals.

luxury gift hampers

It provides 10 hours of battery life, has one of the best displays and includes the Apple pencil support. However, if most electronics are a bit over your budget a simple tech pouch should do the trick. For example, if the woman you are purchasing a gift often has trouble untangling cords, a cute tech pouch will solve her problem and save her time!

2.      Think Fashion

Do you have a fashion forward sister or girlfriend? Then purchasing gift cards from their favourite stores is the way to go. You could make it more thoughtful and do your own research on current fashion trends, find out what your special girl likes and purchase items online or in store. For example, you could visit the Fashion Nova website or walk into a Macy’s store to find some of the most fashionable outfits of 2021. A woman appreciates some effort being put into her gift.

3.      Beauty Products

Most women wear a little to a lot of make-up. Rummage through your wife’s make-up pouch or ask around about your co-workers’ favourite lipstick and head on over to the nearest Sephora or purchase the best brands on online stores (Beware of fakes!). But beauty products are not limited to cosmetics, you can branch off into a variety of skincare products, which most women absolutely love! From moisturizer to face masks, the list in skincare is truly endless.

4.      Gift Sets

Gifts sets are an ideal gift for women as you could combine a few of women’s favourite things. For example, if the girl receiving the gift loves her skincare, a skincare set is an ideal gift. You can also get gift sets which include jewellery, wine or perfumes. If you want to go the extra mile, purchasing luxury gift hampers for her will surely make her day. These hampers can include various luxurious items, from high end oils, coffee and cheese to female essentials.

5.      Personalized Jewellery

Make your gift extra special and memorable by adding a unique and thoughtful touch to it. Customized jewellery is both unique and thoughtful. It is the perfect gift for an anniversary or birthday. For example, you could purchase a beautiful gold necklace and engrave your wedding anniversary dates or any other special dates on a personalized necklace. This can be done on other jewellery pieces such as a ring or bracelet.

Go to an ATM or get your credit card out and go on a shopping spree to get the best gift for your special woman!

By Anurag Rathod

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