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Your uncle can be your buddy who loves to spoil you (with your parent’s permission of course). He can also be your go-to problem solver when in times of need. So, presenting them unique gifts can make your bond extra special.

But let’s just accept that choosing the near-perfect gift for your uncle can be a whole lot of confusion. Here we have 4 gift ideas you can give a try the next time you want to gift your uncle something memorable. 

Engraved picture frame 

We all have that one picture that brings back a thousand memories. You probably will also have a picture with your uncle that both he and you love cherishing. Use such a picture in a frame with a meaningful engraved quote or saying at the top or the bottom of the frame. Choose a frame that goes by colours, textures, or even styles that you think your uncle might like to make it extra special. 

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A sports gift is indeed a very thoughtful way to present something for your uncle but it can be equally tricky. The key here is to identify your uncle’s favourite sports unless he is a sportsman himself. 

You can easily find this by observing what sports he enjoys watching the most. If he’s a soccer fan, you can buy soccer ball, a pair of sports shoes or specially designed sports socks. Also consider a sports backpacks, sports water bottles, or even a customized jersey. 

These tend to be some of the most popular sports gift ideas for men and many stores have a dedicated section for these sports gifts, and your uncle surely will like one of these as well. 

Personalized coffee mug 

If your uncle is a coffee freak, then a personalized coffee mug can surely be an ideal gift. Use a theme that goes by his favourite TV series, sports, or even a movie along with a quote that matches the theme. 

If he has none, you can use a picture of him or you both or even just personalize it with his favouritecolour and a positive or one of his favourite quotes. He will surely remember how much you love him whenever he uses it for his morning coffee. 

A DIY sauce Kit 

If your uncle is a cook or who loves cooking or is specifically a sauce-obsessed fan this can be an ideal gift. Unlike other sauce kits, a DIY sauce kit helps in creating your own hot sauce and gives you the freedom to experiment with sauces to make it more palatable for you. DIY sauce kits are easily available and you can even make yourself in no-time. 

A portable Bluetooth speaker 

If your uncle is a hard-core traveller, this can be an option you can opt for. A portable speaker most often can fit into his backpack, work messenger bag, or even into his pocket. So, there is nothing much to worry about making space to fit a speaker to make your traveling experience livelier. Besides, these speakers are also less heavy to carry around, making them more convenient.  

The key to getting the best or perhaps the most memorable gift for your uncle is to figure out his interests. Once you’ve done that pairing gifts to match his interests can be easy and will make it more relatable to his everyday lifestyle. 

By Anurag Rathod

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