Best Gardening and Flower Gifts to Impress Your Plant Lover Friends

flower baskets

It is always thoughtful to motivate your friends on whichever activity they love doing. If you have plant lovers friends, you can motivate them by giving them flower baskets or any other gift form.

Since it can be confusing to choose the best gifts for your friends, this article decided to choose the best Gardening and flower gifts for your friends who are plant lovers. You can get flower gifts from flower delivery Cyprus or any other local florists companies. Other gardening gifts are also available in different stores.

The Gifts Are:

Flower Grow Kit for Birth Month

The flower growing kit is one of the best Gardening and flower gifts you can give to your friend who is a plant lover. You can surprise them on whichever occasion or just on a typical day to know that you care and you’re thinking of them. The flower grows kits are available, and you can order from Flower delivery Cyprus or other florist companies.

Blooming Lollipops

The lollipops have a sweet strawberry flavor with their sticks containing seeds which you can plant for them to grow marigold, basil, etc. They can fill your garden with attractive blooms, and it is why they make the best garden gift for your plant lover friends.

Terrarium Candle

Terrarium candles have a sweet smell and have a Poppy design with a cute little cactus look. They are also best for gifting your plant lovers’ friends.

Pink House Alchemy Lavender Cyprus

Pink house alchemy lavender Cyprus contains flavors that can be helpful when making fresh cocktails. Your plant lover friend will feel more grateful when you give them this garden gift to show that their gardening work is essential.

A Flower Subscription to the Bouquet co.

When you give your plant lovers a subscription to the Bouquet co., they will be able to get fresh flower baskets for their gardens at a lower or friendly price. It is because there will be no middlemen since they will get them directly from the florists.

From the Garden of Stamp

The garden of a stamp will help your plant lover friend label and name various plant jars like flowers, vegetables, etc., in their gardens to ensure easy identification of the plants and who takes care of them.

A Gardener’s Harvest Basket

It is a super cute wood and wire-made basket you can use to carry garden harvest, tot weeding tools, and hose your produce, i.e., veggies and fruits the dirt not to get into them. It is why it can impress your plant lover friend since they will have a lot of ease when taking home their produce. 

A Custom Garden Trowel

You can impress your plant lover friends with a custom garden trowel with their names or even a sweet message on the handle. It will make them more unique, especially when they are using it in managing the garden plants.

A Cocktail Grow Kit

A cocktail grows kit contains different packets of seed-like lavender, basil, lemon balm, thyme, etc., with a pleasant smell. Your plant lover friend will be able to plant seedlings using carton eggs which they recycle, after which they replant them in other pot plants for them to grow bigger.

A Plant Lady Wine Tumbler

It is a grain handy wood tumbler that your plant lover friend can use to take some wine while freshening up at the wedding or other daily garden routine. Consider giving them this beautiful tumbler to make them feel special.

Plant Garden Maker

Your plant lovers’ friends will use this plant garden maker to memorize what they plant. It is why the plant garden maker best suits them, especially when they get them as a gift from a friend.

Honeycomb House Plant Trellis

Your plant lovers’ friends will need room to grow their plants using this handmade honeycomb trellis. You can always find them in different sizes from flower delivery in Cyprus.

A Bird Feeder Glass Mason Jar

A bird feeder glass comes from a mason jar and can be helpful to your plant lover friend, especially in the morning at the garden where the local birds help them enjoy their coffee.

Brass Plant

The brass plant is sometimes known as terrarium mister since a gardener can use it in misting moss, orchids, bonsai trees, and terrariums. It has unique designs like nickel, copper, and brass, which is why it can impress your plant lover friend.

A Custom Seed Packet Stamp

Your plant lover friend will use this seed packet stamp to stamp the seed packets; hence, they won’t have difficulty sharing them with their friends, who are also gardeners.


Impressing your plant lovers can be confusing, but it is simple to choose these excellent garden and flower gifts. The gifts can be in flower baskets or any other form.

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