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Are looking for Best Phone For Gaming and you have searched a lot over the internet and you did not find as per your expectation. So you don’t need to worry guys into this article we are going to tell you best phone for Gaming for you. So that you can play any kind of game on your phone. We have analyzed several websites on the internet. And we have collected some best phone under the budget for you. If you want to buy a perfect gaming phone then you should have to read this article till the end. I make you promise once you will read this article you will get your satisfactory answer for you. 

I know that gamer lover what do they want into there phone. So we have given everything into details into this article. So it will help you play any game without any problem and without any hang problem. Because I know how much disappointed when you buy a very expensive phone and you install a game into that and it starts to hang. So to solve your every query we have categories the phone according to your budget and we have also given gaming specification what kind of game you can play on these phones. So you have to read the article carefully.  We have written this article in simple and easy words so anyone can easily understand this article without any hesitation. If your English not good still you can read this article. So without wasting more time let come to our main article which is about Best Phone for gaming. But before that, we have given some instruction that you should have to read before buying a mobile for your gaming.

Instruction Before Buying Gaming Phone

So, friends, you should have to keep the following things into your mind before buying a gaming phone for you. Read this line carefully because it will help you to buy a good phone for you.

1. Before Buy a Good Phone You should have to see your budget what is your budget to buy a phone. After that, you should have to decide you should buy or not that phone.

2. The second point is that you should have to do some research on the internet about that phone which you are going to buy. 

3. Read All the specification of the phone which given to play the game so it will help you to choose the best phone.

Best Gaming Phone 2019

1.Apple iPhone X:- 

So Guys If you have a good budget then always go for the best one. We all know that friends Apple always provide the best of best for there clients. Because they never buy any hardware from other company they always manufacture by himself. If you are a big game lover then you should have to buy this phone. Because of this phone has incredible graphics into there phone. There is no doubt this is one of the best phones of gaming.  If you are PUBG game lover and you want to play this game into your pc then visit BeBlogger it will help you to install Pub game into your Pc. 


Screen Size:- 5.8″

Camera  -: 12+12MP+7MP

Ram :- 3  GB

Battery:-2716 mAh

Operating System:- iOS

Processor:- Hexa

2. OnePlus 6

This phone is going one of the most trending phone this year. Because of the high resolution and high graphics of the system. It is one of the fastest Android phones of today’s generation. It is an affordable phone for those guys who are gaming lover and who can invest at least 30 to 40k to phone. And if we talk to play the game into this phone then it will give you feel like you are playing the game into the real world. So let see the specification of this phone.


Screen Size:- 6′.28″”

Camera :-16+20MP | 16MP

Ram: 6GB

Processor:- Octa

Battery:-  3300 mAh


3.Samsung Galaxy S9+

Guys, we all know that Samsung is one of the best phones in the phone industry. And if you want to buy a phone that should be into your budget and it should best for gaming also then I will recommend you buy a Samsung Galaxy Phone. It has a large QHD Display and this phone can produce some excellent frame rate to play the game into mobile. So If you are looking for the best smartphone to play the game then you should have to buy this phone.


Screen Size:- 6′.2″”

Camera :-12+20MP | 8MP

Ram: 6GB

Processor:- Octa

Battery:-  3500 mAh


So that’s it guys I hope you will like this article if you have any question then you can comment us into the comment section. We will reply to your question and if you have any gaming phone suggestion then you can tell about that we will include this in our article.

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