Best free website builders of 2021

website builders

Website builders are equipment that typically permits the construction of websites without manual code. There are two types of website builders offline and online.

Online:- exclusive tools provided by Web Hosting companies. These are induced for the user to build their private site. Many companies allow the site owners to attach open sources or commercial sources so that the more complex the content will define the creation and modification of digital content.

Offline:-  creating pages and Softwares which can then be published on any host. These are also known as websites design software rather than to be called web builder software.

Best free website builders of 2021

  • Wix – All rounder good for it unique ideas
  • Squarespace – great template designs
  • Weebly – small business opportunities exceed
  • SITE123 – customer satisfactory
  • Strikingly – strong help and support system
  • Duda – multiple sites can be formed when the money is valued
  • GoDaddy – Faster way and easy access for the user
  • Zyro –  Basics are defined beautifully.
  • Word press- best for blogging
  • Jimdo- counters background definitions.

These builders make it easy for us to build our own websites with various types of templates in a quick easy and hassle freeway. many of these provide us with creative freedom( easily helping to drag things making it easy to line things ).which makes it easy for beginners to deal with templates and designs 

Various websites builders and their specialties


It is exceedingly user-friendly, full of enormous features, gives each individual different varieties of creative templates and other ideas for site designs because of its drag and drops editor. It is overall the best among the rest of the best website builders. Although it’s made-outs free domains are not much attractive. You can perform custom-made functions to reflect your brand. It is mainly used for making free websites. What makes it a cut above the rest is its inbuilt templates and also image library which makes it fast for the user to succeed in its demand and form the website exactly the way they wanted it to look.


In this, we use great SEO tools as it is also similar to Wix and is also user-friendly. It is a semi-professional domain, it provides very easy room for the growth scale for websites. It is specialized in building websites for small business scores good features to attract the user. It also seeks 62% of  US consumers. They provide structured themes, sometimes irrelevant. But helpful for the practicing people. Easy ways for setting up gives hints to the user to perform well and generate a highly considered website. What makes it sufficient in itself is its beginner-friendly prompts.

Site 123-

best for first-time users as it gives efficient values to beginners. They can easily create simple websites with a few aesthetic effects.  Super easy ideas give way to un-boundrelize. its only downside is that it has so many jumbled words and numbers which confuses the user. Zero tech skills are needed prior to use.  No experience is needed. Throughout chat works like a great when u get stuck. It also gives u hint for your site names, its prepared color suggestions and find designs to help individuals too. It limits our creative freedom as it showcases in-built ideas to a great push. demand here for more and modern attractive designs increases


It is best for professionals. As their main aim is to get customers more cheaply, and quickly which does not leave you with more options there as it binds your creativity controls. It also provides the user a quick onboarding tour that shows how it’s going to be when you start your project out there. Here customizing templates is super easy.


 It is mainly designed for blogging which is clarified by the extensive blogging features it has in it. Its automatically inbuilt features are so interesting such as analytics, searching feature, displayed categories, comment section, archiving. They offer 3GB storage six times on every platform on the list. It is not recommended to the beginner if you wanna use it for other purposes rather than blogging as you would have to struggle there.


 It is good for the customers with plans to set up an online store or sell later. They are very passionate website builders. Here things are kept simple so that it is easy for the beginner to choose. It is a quick and simple website builder which gives you clean vision backdrops for an online store similar to Facebook and etc. here you can sell 5 products free with jimdo. It is really cheap. So that you can scale up your store later down the line. Marked tools scattered throughout helps you to edit along with uploading images, changing texts, and replacing backgrounds.

Simple site

 The guess is right! This website builder is nevertheless and you will definitely see some surprising perks built into this platform every time you join them. The in-built mobile features here give the consumer a great reason to choose them as website builders. It is only suitable for hobbly designing websites other than serious purposes. The onboarding process explains itself with an animated beaver character to guide you to the setting of each page before it’s time for you to enter the main editor portion. It helps you to ensure that you are not missing anything important. It can be tiring if you’re after an amount and exclude your creative freedom.


It is a decent choice for a section of people who can’t give more time working on template designs and when you want a builder with zero learning curves but a loss at this is that you lose your creative potential as it slows down your Diverging capabilities. Here you need to go straight away to the email to access so that you can customize it. It’s a smooth and simple builder to use with less prioritized effects and ideas.


It allows the consumer to make the website so attractive and catchy that it can also be called eye-catching website builders at times. it has an amazing collection of images so the websites with more informative and illustrative businesses can work more professionally here. It is a sleek website builder that can be hard to propagate at times. as it caters to plenty of companies and industries, its modern editor stands out from the

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