8 Best Free Online Slope Calculator Websites

If you are a science or an engineering student, then you need an online slope calculator that will assist you in determining the solutions & complex slope calculations. In the modern age of technology, the student’s knowledge is not limited to the traditional handheld calculation tools. This is because modern technology has introduced many online tools like slope equation calculator that determine the slope & gradient between two points. In this article, you will know about the best eight free website calculators that can be used to perform slope equation calculations. 

Best Online Calculators To Calculate Slope:

Listed below are the most popular online tools that anyone can use to determine the slope of two points. 

slope calculator websites

Slope Finder By Calculator-Online.net:

An online slope equation calculator is an online website calculator to find the slope or gradient between two points of the cartesian coordinate plane. The user needs to insert two points into the designated sections of the online calculator to calculate the slope & y-intercept of the line. According to mathematical terms, the gradient or slope of the line is known to be a number that defines the direction & steepness of the line. The slope is expressed as the letter m.

Omni Calculator:

Omnicalculatior.com is also another free website for the online calculator. This website has a variety of mathematical calculators that can be used for different calculations. The best part is that the website has a user-friendly interface. So any type os use can use this tool without any hassle. All you need is to insert the coordinates of the point &  get the slope with the ease of slope equation calculator. The additional feature of this slope from two points is that it calculates the slope by the slope angle. This online mathematical tool can also be utilized in reverse when only one point is known. Apart from its step-wise calculation, it explains its slope calculation via graph.


The slope equation calculator is another amazing addition to our freely available slope equation calculator list. This free-to-use calculator determines the slope depending on the two given coordinates. According to it, the calculator finds the slope equation, and then it plots that equation on the screen. Similar to the tools mentioned above, this one also displays the step-by-step calculations in different situations. When it comes to slope calculation then, you just need to put the values of the slope coordinates into the designated section of the tool. Then press calculates to initiate the process of slope calculation. You will see that this online calculator for slope shows the results within a fraction of seconds. 


Hackman is another addition to the list that offers an advanced slope calculator. After opening this free tool, you need to insert the coordinate values of the unknown point to get the slope value. Once you enter the values and press calculate, it will give you the slope value and relevant calculations. Like other mentioned tools, this one is also free to use. So, you don’t need to spend your money on paid tools when you have free access to hack math calculators to perform the slope calculations. 


Calculator.net is considered to be a hub of math calculators, which can be used without paying any fee. This slope equation calculator offers you to use two methods to find the slope equation. The first method is to use the two coordinates points. While the other one is to use the one coordinate point with the distance between the coordinates. You can use any respective wat to calculate the slope equation depending on the known values.