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Have you ever been used Huawei Honor 10 Youth Edition? If not look at the review list and you will come to know that this is the best smartphone within a reasonable price range. It is obvious from the previous track record that the performance of Honor in these two years is excellent, and this unique brand has improved a lot. So we can say that this year of 2020 is Honor’s year of technological explosion with the latest technological reform and excellent working. After the launch of Huawei Honor 10, the sales have been booming due to impressive features and amazing quality. This is not the end of this product but the price factor which has left behind all others from this race. This unique series is perfect and by the affordability of a mid-range customer. 

Here we will discuss some of the general specs of this latest model which become a reason for its popularity of the brand among international users. First of all, let’s make a general introduction considering the software and hardware parts. Honor 10 Youth Edition is manufactured with a 6.21-inch pearl screen design which is enough like a cinema screen look. This unique model with such a big face is ready to achieve a 90%+high screen ratio. It has 24MP AI HD selfies with f/2.0 large aperture which makes it more popular among youth especially the female users. Other than this a 13MP dual rear camera is available which provides excellent results. If we talk about the working and overall performance, Honor 10 runs on Kirin 710 processor, and GPU Turbo 2.0.

Huawei Honor 10 design

So far Honor brand has released this unique model with four colors including Gradual Red, Gradual Blue, Bell Blue and Night Black. Although the majority of the users are interested in night black option which is already become rare due to the high demand of users. So I would suggest that if you want to have these specific color schemes, try to book your phone in advance. Honor Youth Series along with other honor models have always been the main fashion trend due to unique features and latest technological tools. All of the items are aligned perfectly with the personalized needs of the young people. The four colors of Honor 10 will undoubtedly have wider coverage due to excellent and perfect looks. Among them, the four-surface design of this latest model is highly attractive for international users. To enhance the popularity graph, the honor brand took a unique stance by adding 3D lithography technology which is added to show a dazzling effect, especially in the light, giving a cool feeling.

Coming towards the front of this attractive gadget, this phone is a 6.21-inch 2340×1080 FHD + display screen which provides satisfactory results. We have filled a survey and concluded that although the price factor is a bit high it quite matches able with such astonishing features. For some users, although the screen is large, it has a 5.2-inch grip of traditional mobile phones so that to provide a convenient framework to such users. Honor 10 Youth Edition does not use big bangs unlike other manufacturers from the same category phone, instead, this unique model is available with the design of Pearl screen, which makes up more than 90% of the screen. 

Considering the overall design section, above is a 24 million AI camera, which looks like a pearl to enhance the beauty of this phone. Of course, within the Honor 10 price, it is really impressive in its functioning as well as in its appearance. Friends who attach importance to the look will not get disappointed and can get great performance in bonuses.

Honor 10 camera performance

The design and display aren’t the ends of the product because the real thing is still there to discuss. Honor 10 Youth Edition is equipped with a 24MP front camera which makes it more powerful among its competitors. It’s really hard to find such a unique option within this price range. Although the Honor 10 camera technology is similar to Honor 9 it is a little better with the F/2.0 large aperture and LCD ring compensation technology. The previous model also works on an LCD display ring but the latest version makes the selfie more outstanding due to higher resolutions and effects. 

Based on the AI algorithm, which we can call artificial intelligence in clear words, according to the different shooting scenes, the background of a scene can be virtualized in an actual selfie-taking mode which is an amazing thing. You can check many other things like the portrait is prominent. You can also observe that the portrait will not be too dark due to bets resolution factors and also because of the backlight. If you are loving with the images then you can use Honor 10 portrait mode which will be treated for skin beauty. To check the desired results, at the launch meeting, the official also gave a comparison to convince the users by selecting a self-timer. The results showed that the effect of the Youth Honor 10 version was very good even in dim light.

If we talk about the back side of the camera, the honor 10 has 13MP dual AI cameras with F/1.8 super large aperture which provide maximum stuff in one picture. Also, this can increase the light intake by nearly 50% so that to make it more readable. Also, Honor 10 supports 22 categories in one picture, more than 500 scene labels for AI scene recognition and automatic photo tuning.


Most of the smartphone brands have their outlets in UAE and KSA due to much more diverse audience and users. From the list of different brands, Honor 10 price in KSA is completely perfect when we compare it with the overall features. For more details and latest offers, kindly visit the official site of the Honor brand. 

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