Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Punta Cana?

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Where are you heading for your vacations? If you are planning a trip to Punta Cana, then read the full blog. 

 Punta Cana is a city in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, home to the most popular tourist destinations in the country. 

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Now, sit back and read the below mentioned famous spots of the city.


This beach area is located in the La Altagracia province. It was once a home for many resort workers and their families but now has transformed into a beautiful visitor spot. Here you will find top-class hotels and bars along the beach.

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There are many shops, coffee shops and many more eatery shops to spend while strolling near the beach area. Have a great time booking a room inside the resort and capturing the most beautiful scenic front view early mornings and evenings. This area is very popular and most visited in the town, especially at the weekends. So have a stroll of this areas when you visit this city with your loved ones.


The Punta Cana Ecological Foundation runs this famous tourist spot. It covers the area of about 1,500-acre. This park is an Eyes Ecological Park. The park is the most beautiful tourist spot to see in Punta Cana. It includes many small forests and many freshwater lakes.

This area preserves the conservation and scientific study of the city. The city has its name derived from the Indians that refer to the lake as eyes due to their shapes. Have a tour of this city for a pleasant feeling while looking through the sunshine waving on the lakes. This scenic view will melt your heart for sure.

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This is one of the famous surfing spots for visitors located near the Bavaro. It is known to be one of the best and beautiful beach by UNESCO and TripAdvisor for 2020. Here you will capture the most stunning view through the white sands between the high palm trees along the seashore. So hop around the beautiful seashore and many activities like surfing and riding a boat on this beach. So make a tour of this famous beach to spend some exciting time with your friends and family.


Your trip would be incomplete if you will not visit this happening place in this city. This famous park is made up of limestone topography. Here, you will glimpse the green jungle, replica homes of ancient people, and stunning views. Walk around the park to capture some of the historical attractions inside the park. Spread in the area of 800-meter this area has a sinkhole with clean water inside the Scape Park. Visit this park to capture the most panoramic view, which you will get nowhere else in the city. 

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This place is a must-visit spot during the summers season. Nestled in the city centre, this tourist spot has the most scenic views of the blue sea and sky. Have a walk through the fairways and Golf Course to have a pleasant feeling during the early mornings. Visit this place whenever you visit this city. 

Above mentioned places are some of the most visited spots for travellers.

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Enjoy your holidays!

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