Best Digital Marketing Courses & Certification [2023]

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing initiatives are causing the marketing industry to change. In digital marketing courses, students learn the abilities they need to succeed in today’s high-technology world. If you want to boost your marketability to potential employers while making additional money, enrolling in the best digital marketing course with a placement may be your best bet. Have you given any thought to broadening your horizons or learning more? Attend the top school for online digital marketing training and courses that ensure employment chances. Check out the institutes that provide the best career in digital marketing training.

Lists of Institutes that provide Digital Marketing Courses:

1. Henry Harvin(Best Digital Marketing Course)

One of the top universities for a profession in Digital Marketing Course┬áis Henry Harvin. Worldwide acceptance of this institute’s certifications. They have aided several students all around the world. Three of India’s most illustrious newspapers, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and The Tribune, have lauded the institute for offering certification in digital marketing. Students who sign up for the best digital marketing course receive a gold membership. These courses cover a wide range of subjects, including social media advertising, search engine optimization, and the fundamentals of digital marketing. This year-long online course in digital marketing is entirely made up of online lessons In addition to the classes above, Henry Harvin provides a wide range of choices to help each student’s skills.


IIDE ranks at the top regarding the best digital marketing course in India. If you want to take the most excellent online digital marketing course, you only need to look as far as IIDE because they are the leading provider of such courses. IIDE offers a wide range of courses from which students interested in digital advertising can select. Demand has increased for MBAs with a concentration on digital marketing. You should spend at least 11 months at IIDE’s digital marketing training learning everything there is to know about digital marketing if you want the most significant outcomes.

3. Udemy

The Udemy online learning community is home to thousands of the best digital marketing courses. Most people agree that Udemy is the finest website to learn new skills. Udemy’s digital marketing certification can typically be finished in around 20 hours. The entire price of 699/- is quite affordable. After watching the videos, learners of Udemy’s digital marketing training can test their knowledge with a final exam.


NMIMS is an excellent option for those searching for the best Digital Marketing Course Online. The “preeminent Digital marketing school” also provides online courses and has won numerous awards. The best digital marketing training offers students a blend of online and offline learning, including internship and job placement experiences. Students can learn much and get a leg up in the workforce by taking digital marketing certification.

5. upGrad

upGrad’s mission has always been to explore uncharted territory and think outside the box. They’ve flourished as a business, and as a result, our kids have access to top-notch education funded in part by their profits. By 2021, UpGrad will have established itself as a worldwide education powerhouse, earning “unicorn” status. Upgrad University has some of the country’s most outstanding digital marketing programs.

6. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is a top choice for those looking for a location to take the best digital marketing courses. They are the most highly regarded digital marketing school available today. Using their extensive network of over a thousand recruitment partners, they have successfully placed over 30,000 graduates in positions. Only Google AdWords Certified Professionals with extensive experience teaching digital marketing are employed by Digital Academy 360.

7. Digital Vidya

When Digital Vidya opened its doors in 2009, it was to give social media training to people worldwide. In 2013, the company expanded into offering full-fledged digital marketing courses. They instruct students and advise businesspeople on implementing digital marketing and other IT strategies. They have established relationships with industry leaders that assist in updating their curricula and preparing their students for careers in digital marketing training. This course will be delivered online, with real-time instruction from qualified instructors.

Regarding time commitment, you can choose between completing this course in 4 months or seven months. The course schedule is available online.

Price: This digital marketing certification program costs INR 49,900 (+18% GST).

8. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut’s Digital Marketing Training is a beautiful alternative for those who want to learn digital marketing but have yet to gain a background in the field. You will learn everything from the fundamentals of marketing to advanced topics, including audience research, marketing research, marketing strategy, social media marketing, and brand promotion. Experts in digital marketing guide you through exercises and case studies in this comprehensive training program. Webinars, electronic books, tutorials, and even practice interviews are other forms of educational materials they provide.

How to Learn: Knowledge Hut combines online resources and in-person classes.

This course can be finished in 30 hours or more, including 16 hours of live lectures.

Knowledge Hut’s tuition for this training program is INR 29,700 (not including taxes).


You may find the specifics of digital marketing classes in the previous blog posts. Enrolling in a digital marketing training program offering job placement is an excellent option for students wishing to enhance their careers and widen their horizons. Anyone can take the online marketing class.


  1. Typically, how long do online marketing programs last?

The Digital Marketing Institute’s curriculum is meant to be finished in the span of six months.

  • Do the Digital Marketing Courses have internship opportunities?

Students can gain practical experience through internships and using the institute’s project space.

  • When compared to traditional marketing methods, how useful are digital marketing classes?

Digital marketing courses could provide students with helpful market information. Trainers provide real-world examples to ensure students fully grasp the principles being taught.

  • What kind of course materials can I expect to receive if I sign up for Digital Marketing Classes?

One of the main draws of digital marketing is that it requires little time and money from business owners while still producing tangible results in the form of new customers and revenue. To complete the required readings for a course, students must first enroll and then access the LMS site.

  • Could digital marketing courses be taken online?

Students around the city sign up for the digital marketing course to take advantage of the convenient online lectures. If students can’t make it to the live meetings, they can watch the recordings and get the same benefit from the instructor videos. The advantages of digital marketing courses offered online go beyond this, though.