For any organization, healthy customer interactions are necessary for growing sales. To achieve that a company/organization uses a technology called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This helps in managing all your interactions with existing, past, and future customers.

Most businesses use a tool to implement CRM in their company/organization. CRM for small businesses is doing especially well. Since it involves very less investment, many small organizations opt for CRM software.

Before diving deep into the best CRM software available, we must understand clearly how a CRM tool can help you. In this blog, you’ll learn about the essential features of CRM software and the best CRM software available.

Essential features to make a CRM tool the best

The criteria for CRM software change with different businesses and every business can take benefits from CRM software. Following are the features commonly required by all businesses, to consider it the best CRM software.

1. Easy user interface

CRM software should make customer interaction easier. If the interface is difficult to use, it takes up a lot of your time and thus reduces efficiency. So the best CRM software must have an easy-to-use interface, to save time and effort. May it be a CRM for a small business or an enterprise, the user-friendly interface is a plus.

2. Customisable

The software must be customizable according to individual business needs. The best CRM software must have options to customize based on your requirements. For example, a CRM for small business doesn’t need complicated features. Whereas an enterprise CRM requires cross-functional features.

3. Handle complex analytical reports

The best CRM software available in the market businesses successfully process and produce complex reports. These reports made using customer data is critical to the development of leads. When you opt for CRM software make sure it can carry out complicated analyses. This is one of the main features that you must look for when you select CRM software.

4. Able to automate tasks

The name CRM itself implies that the main objective of it is to maintain a healthy customer relationship. Timely response ensures that you retain your customers. Automated features of CRM software must be able to handle all the routine tasks and send timely replies to all your customer queries.

5. Work well with other apps

In the modern world, everyone is omnipresent. They are active on multiple platforms such as social media, email, calls, etc, at the same time.

So reaching them just using a single platform is rather useless. Thus the best CRM software must be able to interact with the leads using all the platforms. This ensures that the message reaches the customer on time.

Best CRM software

Each software listed below encompasses all the features required to make it the best CRM software. The following software can handle the CRM for both small businesses and enterprises.

1. PeppyBiz CRM

PeppyBiz is one of the leading organizations when it comes to offering business solutions. We provide many software solutions among which PeppyBiz CRM comes with unique features that other CRM software lack.

The following are the features of our software:

a. Automating emails

b. Managing and organizing a list of customers and leads

c. Automated ticketing

d. Quick chat options

e. 24×7 support from PeppyBiz

f. Create and handle complex reports

g. Provides a free version

h. Easy-to-use interface

PeppyBiz tops the list of the best CRM software. This is because of a unique feature that enables users to integrate with our marketing automation software. This is highly beneficial since it can take care of both marketing and CRM with ease. To learn more about our CRM software,

2. Salesforce CRM

This software is also one of the best CRM tools and automation software. This software focuses on targeting leads and accelerating the growth of accounts too.

The following are the features of this software:

a. Records important meetings and email

b. Manages and prioritizes leads

c. Customize dashboards according to your needs

d. Saves time by automating most tasks

These special features make this one of the best CRM software out there.

3. Hubspot CRM

This software is also known for its flexibility. It is suitable for both small businesses and enterprises. It is also known for its free features and a user-friendly interface.

The following are the features of Hubspot CRM that are worth mentioning:

a. Automatically logs and updates the customer information

b. Excellent tracking system

c. Create personalized email campaigns

d. Customize the sales funnel according to your needs

e. Integration with Office 360, Outlook, and Gmail.

f. Automated reports creation

The three software mentioned above are some of the best in the market. They are heavily reliable and can make a significant difference to your organization’s growth rate.

The global customer relationship management market size is expected to gain momentum by reaching USD 128.97 billion by 2028 from USD 58.04 billion in 2021 while exhibiting a CAGR of 12.1% between 2021 and 2028.


Building a customer relationship is not an easy task. But when you create loyal customers for your business by different CRM strategies, it is going to be beneficial. Customer Relationship Management software helps you in every step of creating a healthy bond between a customer and your organization. The best CRM software lets you do much more by automating tasks and saving you as much time as possible. So be sure to check whether the CRM software that you choose has all the above mentioned essential features.

PeppyBiz is a globally well-known organization, providing business solutions of many kinds. We provide software solutions to handle everyday problems in an organization with ease. Opting for our software enables you to use an AI integrated, sophisticated software that can help you achieve your goals while saving a lot of time. To learn more about what we offer and the services we provide, click here.

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