Best Choice for Backup PC to Cloud

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With the development of data, you will create a lot of data on your PC for work and life. Then, here comes a question: how to protect so much PC data? Generally, making a backup for PC data can be a stable method.

Since there are many types of accidents that may lead to data loss, like natural disasters, computer damage, system crash, etc. traditional backup methods cannot protect your PC data from all situations. Creating a backup PC to cloud has become a safe choice.

In this passage, you will get detailed instructions on the best cloud backup software for PC.

Why Choose Backup PC to Cloud

Why do so many users tend to choose backup PC to clouds? What benefit does it bring to you? Let’s see some shining points of PC cloud backup.

Once you create a cloud backup for PC data, you can enjoy the convenience below.

  • Easier to access PC data: View your PC data from the cloud backup service on any device, instead of carrying a storage device everywhere.
  • Changeable cloud backup space: Cloud backup space is flexible. You can change it by selecting different subscription plans according to your different requirements.
  • Efficient backup process: In the cloud backup service, there are many advanced configurations for backup tasks, which will make your backup process more efficient and faster.

Best PC Cloud Backup Service- CBackup

Choosing a suitable PC cloud backup service for your PC data can be a hard task. Do not panic, after comparing, we prepare one of the best free cloud backup services CBackup for your PC data.

CBackup has worked for data security for many years. In CBackup, an industry-standard security framework called OAuth protects your cloud drive account login information. And 256-bit AES Encryption ensures your data security in the data transfer task.

You can try CBackup on a web page in any operating system or on the desktop in all versions of Windows operating systems. The CBackup desktop client can be available in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP.

CBackup has been most awarded and highly recommended by many forums and websites for many powerful features in it.

  • Backup PC to clouds: Backup is a core feature in CBackup. You can choose any type of cloud drive as the backup destination, such as public cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.), CBackup Cloud, and Combined Cloud.
  • Sync PC to cloud: Likewise, syncing PC to cloud is also supported in CBackup.
  • Free cloud storage: CBackup offers 10GB of free cloud storage for each account. For more cloud storage, you can upgrade the cloud storage space to 1TB, 5TB cloud storage, or more.
  • Combine cloud storage: This is a featured function of CBackup. You can get more cloud storage and even unlimited online cloud storage by combing multiple or unlimited cloud drive accounts together.
  • Cloud to cloud backup or sync: Cloud to cloud backup and sync features can help you to transfer PC data between different cloud drive accounts on one interface directly.

Guide: How to Perform Backup PC to Clouds

Now, do you want to try the free cloud backup service CBackup now? Follow the easy guideline here to perform a backup PC to clouds task right now.

  1. Get and set up the CBackup desktop client from the CBackup official web page. Sign up for a new CBackup account, and then launch the CBackup desktop app to log into your account.

2. Click on the My Storage tab on the left menu. Choose any cloud drive to be the PC cloud backup destination. Press the Authorize Now button to let CBackup access your cloud drive account safely.

3. Then, click on the Backup tab and choose Backup PC to Public Cloud in this section.

  1. You can choose any data from your PC as the backup source. Then, tick the cloud drive account you just added to CBackup as the backup destination. 

After the above, you can click on the Start Backup button at the right bottom to begin the backup PC to clouds task at once.

To Sum Up

This post introduces one of the best free backup software – CBackup to you. If you just want to protect your PC data on the cloud, it can be the best assistant. In addition, professional backup and sync features in it can help you a lot in daily work and life.