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best carry on luggage with laptop compartment

As they travel, travelers are becoming more knowledgeable and prepared to handle any situation. They are able to maximize their resources and reduce their travel style to make the trip as easy as possible.

The size and functionality of laptops is improving every year. They can be cumbersome items that you need to take on your next trip. You should think beyond the laptop, and consider the accessories you will need, as well as the safety of your data and software. It is essential to bring a laptop-compatible backpack or suitcase for train or flight travel.

Travelers around the world are now paying attention to luggage and carry-on brands. There are many options for form factors, materials and overall style. Many reputable brands make the laptop compartment an integral part of their carry-on designs. Check out the following to find the best carry on luggage with laptop compartment

Things to Consider with Carry-On Luggage


The rules for carry-on luggage and the size of items that can be brought onboard United States airlines are strict. You won’t be able to bring items that are too big, too heavy or restricted.


Your bag will not be allowed to travel if it is too heavy. You can carry on luggage in overhead lockers. Too heavy is a danger as it creates an unsafe flying environment.

Material and durability

It is important to weigh the luggage that you take onboard. Lightweight, durable nylon bags and similar are the best options as you have only 40 pounds.


The wheels of wheeled cabin luggage are perfectly designed to allow you to transport it around airports. These cases come with pull-up handles, and a variety of wheel options. They are the perfect accessory for smart travelers all over the globe.


You want the handle to be strong enough to pull, push, or carry your luggage. Many cases come with retractable, foldable handles that can be stored in the case’s body when not in use.

Laptops are not easy to carry onboard. You’ll need to be able remove your laptop from security at the airport. You will need to store your laptops in a safe and secure place for the duration of your trip.

Laptop Storage

Many cabin bags are made for laptop users and include laptop compartments that are fully padded. Others choose to bring a separate laptop bag, but this will depend on your airline’s baggage restrictions.

Smart Luggage

Everything is becoming “smarter”, from our phones and homes to our luggage. Smart luggage includes fancy accessories like power banks for charging your devices, electronic baggage tags and GPS tracking.

Best Laptop Carry-On Bag with a Laptop Case


Travelpro’s carry-on bag is made for travelers. The bag can be carried on board with you and includes a compartment for your laptop. You can also store power cords and backup batteries in the other compartments.


The Tumi has three zip compartments that can safely store all your belongings. It also includes straps to keep clothes in place. Secured with a zip fastening, the case also has TSA-compatible combination locks.

Briggs & Riley

We recommend Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner if you’re a frequent flyer who is willing to spend more on a better-quality product for your home. This bag is a top-rated choice, with the zippers, wheels, and wrinkle-resistant suit pocket all made to the highest standard. We found that it offers more space than any other spinner bag. The unique ratcheting CX compression system, which allows for travelers to compress the bag with ease, further enhances this advantage.

Swiss Gear

The case is made from durable, scuff resistant polyester and can be expanded to provide additional packing space when required. You will also find a zippered dry bag to keep your dirty clothes separated from your clean stuff.

You can travel with no baggage restrictions and your check-in process is faster.

While you will need to research your options before purchasing the right cabin luggage, it is worth investing in a case that is lightweight, portable, and can hold all your essentials for domestic and international travel.

You’ll need a suitcase that can withstand a lot of punishment if you are prone to carrying your bag around everywhere.


The Eastpak Tranverz looks like it is small enough to carry as a carry-on bag, but not too small. Although some may find its 28L capacity to be a bit heavy, it is sufficient for a weekend. Reviewers especially praise the split-level design that allows for seperating sundries and the sturdy construction. This is an excellent choice if you travel a lot on trains and don’t want to worry about your luggage.

The telescoping locking push/pull handle system makes it easy to move and the 360-degree multi-directional spinners wheels make it glide easily over most terrains.

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